Moms for Liberty and 1776 PAC Help Parental Rights Candidates Win Local School Board Races

Moms for Liberty and 1776 PAC Help Parental Rights Candidates Win Local School Board Races

Moms for Liberty and the 1776 Project Political Action Committee (PAC) are two new groups pushing back against schools that sexualize and confuse children and indoctrinate them into woke ideology.

Both organizations supported school board candidates who want to protect children and affirm parental rights. Both saw victories in races across the country on November 8.

Moms for Liberty was founded in January 2021 by Tiffany Justice, wife and mom with four school-aged children, and Tina Descovich, a wife and mother with five children. In less than two years, the group has grown to 240 chapters in 42 states, with more than 100,000 members.

Both women had served on school boards in Florida and grew concerned about parental rights in education, mask mandates, and inappropriate, explicit sexual materials in schools. They were also concerned about huge political spending by teachers unions, most of it going to leftist politicians and causes.

In 2021, Breitbart News reported that the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) raised $577 million in dues. The NEA “spent $66 million on pushing a far-left political agenda, while spending only $32 million on its members.”

Justice and Descovich told Breitbart,

Radical Teachers Unions have controlled public education for decades. They do not represent the interests of American parents, and their half-a-billion-dollar budget is clearly not spent representing their own membership.

Beyond political spending – through curriculum, trainings and resources – the NEA and AFT promote radical ideas and groups like Black Lives Matter at School, Planned Parenthood, “Comprehensive Sexuality Education,” abortion, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and LGBT ideology.

Moms for Liberty mobilized quickly, vetting and endorsing more than 500 school board candidates who support parental rights in 2022 elections. Before the November 8 midterm election, they’d already notched 105 wins.

For the midterms, the grassroots parents organization endorsed more than 270 candidates in 15 states. The Daily Caller reported that of “the seats open in Florida school board elections, Moms for Liberty candidates won 41 of the 67 seats available.”

According to the news outlet,

So far, Moms for Liberty was able to notch victories in Indiana, South Carolina and North Carolina; three endorsed candidates won in Tipton, Indiana, while 13 endorsed candidates won school board positions across four different North Carolina school districts,

On Facebook, the group touted winning three seats each in Cape May County and Ocean County, NJ.

The Daily Caller said that Moms for Liberty is also affecting state board of education elections, scoring a majority on the Texas State Board of Education of 10 to 5 and an advantage on the Kansas State Board of Education of 7 to 3.

1776 Project PAC, started by Ryan Girdusky, author of They’re Not Listening: How The Elites Created the National Populist Revolution, is another new organization that began targeting school board elections only recently, beginning in 2021.

According to USA Today, 1776 Project PAC raised $3.2 million through the end of October, backing conservative school board candidates in a dozen states.

Girdusky reported on Twitter,

I’ve gotten a lot of calls and texts congratulating me on the work the @1776ProjectPac has done. 2021-2022 was a great cycle with over 100 wins.

Girdusky points to an article in The New Yorker that bemoans wins by candidates who support parental rights; oppose the teaching of CRT; and support “‘education freedom’ in the form of more public funding for charter schools, private-school vouchers, homeschooling, and micro-schools.”

Note the use of scare quotes around “education freedom” by the leftist magazine – as if giving parents choices for educating their children was a bad thing.

The article also fosters the lie that CRT isn’t taught in schools, calling those who oppose the indoctrination of children “ghost chasers.” The magazine thinks there’s a “manufactured culture war” over CRT, “L.G.B.T.Q. classroom materials, the sexual ‘grooming’ of children, and other vehicles of ‘woke leftist’ indoctrination, as well as lingering resentment over covid-19 lockdowns.”

The New Yorker is wrong; this isn’t a “manufactured” culture war.

It’s a real battle to protect the hearts and minds of children in public schools.

Kudos to Moms for Liberty and 1776 Project Pac for their victories, and may they continue to defeat woke ideologues.

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