Louisiana is consistently ranked as one of the most pro-life states in the country. Its legislature passes pro-life laws. Its pro-life governor – a Democrat – signs them into law. The state even has a “trigger” law that banned abortions beginning when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in its June decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

So, what do you do about a problem like New Orleans, whose liberal city government, including its sheriff and prosecutors, have announced they will not enforce the state’s abortion laws?

Enter the State Bond Commission, who recently met to consider a request from The Big Easy for $39 million in the form of a non-cash line of credit for a New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board power plant project.

The Commission voted 12-2 to “defer” New Orleans’ request for the $39 million for 30 days due to the city’s defiance of the state’s abortion laws.

“We all took the same oath. We don’t have the opportunities to pick and choose what laws we follow,” said Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin, who is a commission member. “In my opinion, they should all be impeached.”

That vote drew immediate condemnation from New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

“It is disappointing and appalling that the Louisiana Bond Commission decided to halt funding for one of the most vital and valuable infrastructure projects, despite the fact that the right to an abortion remains legal statewide,” the mayor told WWLTV. Cantrell was referring to litigation in the state courts that has currently blocked enforcement of the state’s trigger law.

Gene Mills is the president of Louisiana Family Forum, an ally of Focus on the Family. In an email to the Daily Citizen for this story, Mills, while not commenting on specific strategies the state might take, nevertheless applauded the state’s attempt to see its laws enforced.

“I am pleased that our statewide elected officials are vigilant about enforcing Louisiana’s abortion ban,” Mills told us. “It is important for everyone to know that there will be consequences for local governments which seek to ignore state law.

“The people of Louisiana have spoken through a state constitutional amendment declaring no right to abortion and a state trigger law which declares abortion illegal when Roe v Wade is overturned. The people now want to see our laws enforced despite the fact that the abortion industry is using every legal tactic they can muster.

“Abortion, Inc. knows their time is limited in Louisiana. Louisiana Family Forum eagerly awaits their final eviction from our state,” he added.

Louisiana was one of approximately a dozen states that moved to protect life immediately following the Dobbs decision. The abortion industry, stung by Dobbs and defeated legislatively at the federal level, has begun filing lawsuits at the state level to block abortion bans, alleging they violate provisions of state constitutions.

As pro-abortion politicians increasingly reveal themselves to be lawless and anti-democratic when it comes to enforcing the collective will of their citizens regarding abortion restrictions, it will take courage and perhaps the ingenuity of people like the Louisiana Bond Commission to remind them that temper tantrums and lawlessness come at a price.


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