Thankfully it is currently rare, but some Christians have taken to using the term “cisgender” as if it really means something. Even those who claim to live under the evangelical banner use the term as if it is legitimate. “Cisgender” is not a meaningful term, and it should not be used by Christians as if it applies to something that exists in God’s created order. It should not be used by any person of reason who believes in objective reality. That is because the term “cisgender” is based on a new and wholly made-up conception of what it means to be human as male and female.

Using the term signals allegiance to current gender ideology which is fundamentally an overturning of nature as well as a challenge to the very image of God in creation.

What is Cisgender?

When you google the term “cisgender,” it is nearly all pro-trans organizations that offer definitions on the term. That fact gives you all the reason you need to be deeply suspicious. Folks like Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign define it as “identifying” with the same gender you were “assigned” at birth.

Merriam-Webster, the same folks who recently redefined away the meaning of “woman,” defines “cisgender” the same way, using “identity” and “identified” for the substance of one’s gender. This is actually quite a hattrick if you think about it.

Note that there is no talk of actually, objectively being male or female in any natural or biological sense. This is because the term “cisgender” is a wholesale product of gender ideology which is working overtime to turn science and the biology of what it means to be human as male and female inside-out and upside-down. Employing such language is indeed signaling agreement with this trickery.

Be sure that rejecting this new conception is not merely a conservative traditionalist or Christian perspective.

People like evolutionary biologist Colin Wright strongly hold that believing “gender identity” is a real thing “is a religious framework” and not the good type. He calls “gender identity” and cis talk an ideology that everyone should reject because it rests both on illusion and gender stereotypes.

God Does Not Tell Us Lies Through Our Bodies

The first thing that the Christian and Jewish scriptures say about being human is that all people are created by God with great care and intention.

Second, every person is made in the image and likeness of God and is created precisely that way as male or female. Those are the only two options. The key take-away? Every person is made male or female in God’s good care and design. That is true of every human person.

But what do our maleness and femaleness fundamentally reflect?

Scripture clearly tells us male and female are the unique and sole image and likeness of God in all of creation. Thus, questioning the actual realness of male and female, as gender ideology does, is to question God’s very image and likeness.

Does this fact help you understand the very anti-God spirit behind contemporary gender ideology?

In creating individuals male or female, God does not play tricks on people by creating their bodies one sex and their souls, minds or “identities” the other sex. And there is no science whatsoever that supports this mistaken belief. As God-created gifts, our bodies speak great truth about us. Divine truth even. He made each of us as male or female as a body-soul unity, not a dualism at conflict with itself. That is called Gnosticism and it was one of the first heresies the early Church had to face and put down as false. This old heresy is being refashioned today in gender theory. Don’t fall for it.

God does not tell us lies through our bodies. But that is exactly what the new gender ideology tells us, that our God-created bodies cannot be trusted. The direct implication is that God cannot be trusted and that He plays the cosmic trickster with our bodies and identities.

Be sure that “cisgender” is not a harmless or compassionate term. It is not real thing. It’s a radical redefinition of what it means to be male or female based on a new secular religion. A redefinition of what it means to be human. Simply look at the definitions used to explain it.

No Christian or any person of good sense should employ the term or any of the other artificial jargon being created today by gender ideologues.