Biological female athletes are being robbed of athletic titles, scholarships, and future sporting opportunities because they are being forced to compete against biological males who believe they are females in the name of “transgender inclusion.” 

The madness has got to stop. Enough is enough.

Biological men should not be allowed to compete against biological females. It’s anti-reality, anti-science and anti-woman. 

The stories of injustices being committed against biological women in sports abound. Every month there seems to be another account of a “transgender woman,” a biological male who believes he is a woman, beating out a biological woman in an athletic competition.  

Recently a biological male was allowed to compete against biological females at a college swim invitational. Lia Thomas (formerly Will) competed for three years on the men’s NCAA Division I swim team at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Not surprisingly, since joining the women’s swim team at the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas has received more top finishes than he did while swimming for the men’s team. 

Thomas set two new U.S. swim records for women at the most recent competition. In one of the events, Thomas won by 38 seconds with a University of Pennsylvania teammate, a biological female, taking second place.  

Words used to describe Thomas’ performance at the competition were “destroy,” “smash,” and “dominate.” 

That’s right, a biological man competed against biological women, and the biological man “left the rivals in the dust.”

Interestingly, even though the Left has tried to cancel some types of masculinity, they have fully embraced the masculine domination of female sports. And it is the height of hypocrisy. 

The radical Left would have us think it’s transphobic to believe that women’s sports ought to be protected for biological women only. They threaten to cancel you if you speak the truth. They try to intimidate you into silence because dissent is not allowed, and reality is whatever the Left says it is.  

Michael Knowles discussed his book Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds at an event recently hosted by the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University.

Knowles said, “The degree to which your society does not accept reality is going to be the degree of madness and chaos that you have.” 

When it comes to permitting biological men to compete against biological women in sports, the madness and chaos are prolific. 

Speaking on the topic of transgenderism, Knowles told the crowd,

“We are told that if you tell a man who thinks that he is a woman that he really is a woman — if you lie to him — that is respectful and compassionate. 

“We are told that if you tell a man who thinks he’s a woman that he is not a woman — that he’s under a delusion and should get help — we are told that that is very cruel.

“We are told lies are compassionate, lies will set you free, and that the truth is cruel.”

Alternatively, Knowles suggests, “The truth will set you free. Lies will ensnare you more and more and more. Truth spoken with love is more compassionate than lies.” 


The truth about biological men competing against biological women is that it’s just not fair to biological females. 

Common sense tells us that men and women are different in many ways, but perhaps the most obvious difference is physical. 

The science doesn’t lie. Males are biologically stronger and faster than females. They have greater lung capacity, increased bone density, more muscle mass, larger hearts, increased upper-body strength, and greater height and weight advantages. All in all, males are at an advantage when they compete against females, and no amount of hormone suppression can change that.  

Ironically, the federal law that is supposed to protect women from sex discrimination in sports, Title IX, is now being used against them. Trans athletes claim that laws banning them from playing in women’s sports violate their rights under Title IX.

Thankfully, organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom are standing with women and girls and fighting for their right to compete on a level playing field.

Bad ideas have bad consequences. Allowing biological men to compete against biological women in sports is a bad idea, and it hurts women and girls. 

Enough is enough. Let’s see a return to common sense on the sports field. Let’s see justice restored for female athletes in this country. Let’s say no to lies and yes to speaking the truth. 

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