Amazon proudly refuses to sell whatever it finds offensive or troubling, even while it will happily rush you Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and other such products. This weekend, the New York Post reported the behemoth retailer, after being alerted to the problem, continues to sell products that overtly and publicly malign police officers, leaving law enforcement officials outraged.

The Post explains,

Amazon is still hawking “Blue Lives Murder” merchandise almost a year after similar anti-cop gear first came to light — sparking renewed outrage from the Big Apple’s detective’s union, who accused the e-tailer of putting cops “at peril and risk.”

Amazon actually offers a vast array such materials such as “Cops Lie”, “I Hate Cops”, graphic “F- the Police” and other deeply offensive t-shirts that intentionally undermine support for our nation’s men and women in blue who work for our public safety. Amazon’s own internal policy says it will not list products that “promote, incite, or glorify hatred, violence” among other things. These products do those very things.

Former police Lieutenant Randy Sutton, who now serves as the founder and CEO of The Wounded Blue, an advocacy organization dedicated to wounded officers, explained to Fox News today that anti-police activists and many in the media have employed a “DDD Strategy” toward law enforcement. He explained this stands for defunding, demoralizing, and dehumanizing those who work tirelessly for our collective public safety.

Sutton explained propaganda like this has real-world consequences as “law enforcement officers across this country are being injured and disabled every single day.” He added, “I know Amazon is a huge company and I understand that a company does not have a soul … but companies are made up of people.”

Amazon is providing no public service by offering such products. In fact, they are actively hindering public service to our nation’s most vulnerable communities who regularly rely on the help of law enforcement professionals to keep their neighborhoods safe. It is well documented that when the police go away, very bad things happen indeed. Our police are more often the solution, and not the problem.

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