Recent analysis from the Media Research Center (MRC) found that the Big Three television networks, ABC, CBS and NBC gave 100% negative coverage to Trump’s impeachment defense team, and 95% positive coverage to the Democrat managers prosecuting Trump.

The MRC calculated the number by analyzing any kind of “evaluative statement” by newscast reporters and anchors about the merits of one of the side’s arguments. 

For example, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt said on the second day of Democratic arguments that they were, “painting a damning portrait of the President.” ABC senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce also praised the work of the Democrat managers saying, “Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) tried to dismantle that argument using one of the President’s top defenders to make the case.” Both of those statements were classified as providing positive spin towards the Democrat’s team.

A second imbalance discovered by MRC was that the media gave ample more airtime to the Democrat managers than Trump’s defense team. “In all, the networks covered the Democrat managers for almost 25 minutes (24:57). That’s compared to the 11 minutes and 34 seconds they gave to President Trump’s defense team. The most wildly imbalanced was CBS Evening News, which gave seven minutes, 42 seconds for Democrats and skimped on Trump’s team with two minutes and 26 seconds,” MRC reported.

News like this reinforces the reason why Americans’ trust in the mainstream media continues to fall at a rapid pace, and provides additional evidence revealing the liberal bias of the American media.

Another recent example revealed the media’s bias in favor of Trump’s impeachment. Alan Dershowitz is a liberal lawyer from Harvard who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Yet, he is on Trump’s defense team since he views the House’s impeachment articles against President Trump as unconstitutional. Dershowitz alleged in a thread of 12 tweets that the media have been purposely distorting his arguments against convicting Trump.

“Taking advantage of the fact most of their viewers didn’t actually hear the senate Q and A, CNN, MSNBC and some other media willfully distorted my answers. They characterized my argument as if I had said that if a president believes that his re-election was in the national interest, he can do anything. I said nothing like that, as anyone who actually heard what I said can attest,” Dershowitz tweeted.

And several days ago, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos received resounding criticism for being caught on camera making a throat-slash gesture to cut off President Trump’s impeachment defense lawyer Jay Sekulow. Realizing his mistake, Stephanopoulos closed his eyes and grimaced saying, “And that is Jay Sekulow right there.” 

Stephanopoulos, prior to his career in journalism, was an advisor to the Democrat Party and worked as a communications director for President Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. After the election, he became Clinton’s White House communications director.

In today’s news media, journalists, who are supposed to be unbiased and nonpartisan, overwhelmingly come from liberal backgrounds.

In addition to Stephanopoulos, consider MSNBC’s Chris Matthew who previously worked for Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill, CNN’s Chris Cuomo who is the brother of New York’s Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo, and CNN’s Jake Tapper who worked for Handgun Control Inc.

Much of the time, the journalists of today are the Democrat advisors of yesterday. At least this analysis from the MRC will help the American people see through the liberal bias of the media.


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Photo from Media Research Center