One of the recurring marketing schemes of the LGBT agenda involves pro sports teams wearing “pride” themed insignia or clothing at least once a year. And for Christians who earn their living playing such sports, but won’t compromise their Christian witness, “pride night” at the ballpark or stadium can result in tough choices and career fallout.

Just ask Jaelene Daniels, a 29-year-old professional women’s soccer player with the North Carolina Courage of the National Women’s Soccer League. She was benched by her club for their July 29 match against the Washington Spirit for refusing to wear rainbow-themed pre-match and warmup tops in honor of “pride night.”

Her team sent a mixed message about her decision.

“Jaelene will not be rostered tonight as she has made the decision to not wear our Pride jersey,” a Courage spokeswoman said in a statement to media before the game, as reported by ESPN. “While we’re disappointed with her choice, we respect her right to make that decision for herself.

“We’re excited to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community with our fans, players and staff tonight and look forward to hosting our first ever Pride Festival before kickoff.”

If the team really respected Daniel’s decision, they wouldn’t have benched her because of it.

Daniels, a Christian, has been forced to make tough decisions earlier in her career because of the same issue. In 2017, she decided not to play for the women’s national team after being called to join the squad in June of that year, because her faith prevented her from wearing a jersey that commemorated “pride month.”

In fact, Daniel’s stand for her faith has made her current team a target of LGBT complaints. The team faced criticism last December for signing her after she came out of retirement to play with them.

The team’s response to the criticism wasn’t very supportive of her. It apologized.

“In response to the recent news of re-signing Jaelene Daniels, we as a club acknowledge the impact this announcement has on our community,” the team said in an open letter to fans. “We’ve spent the past few days reading your messages and reflecting on our actions. We are very sorry to all those we have hurt, especially those within the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Daniels’ response to the controversies has been classy – and Christian. In a tweet last December after her team apologized for re-signing her, she tweeted:

“In knowing these women, my love for them has never been based on their identity. My love for each of these women is rooted in who they are as a person – I believe everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, beliefs or abilities is worthy of dignity, value and love.

“They make me a better person, a better player, and a better teammate. My beliefs may call me to live differently, but my love runs deep for all.”

She also said:

“I remain committed to my faith and my desire for people to know that my love for them isn’t based on their belief system or sexuality.”

Ms. Daniels’ Twitter bio quotes Christian rapper LeCrae: “If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection. Colossians 3:23.”

That’ll preach.



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