The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), one of the largest and most powerful gay advocacy groups in the world, is now breathlessly claiming “at least 20 million adults in the United States could be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people” and “millions more could be another identity that is more expansive than these four terms.” Multiple media outlets have unquestionably reported this dramatic claim as fact. But everyone must ask, “Is it true?”

It is not.

Anyone who reads the actual report will find plenty of reason to challenge this conclusion. It uses plenty of slippery weasel words like “could be LGBT” or “could identity with…” admitting it can’t land on a precise number because with so many people, “it’s still unknown exactly how they identify.” HRC concludes with this definitively imprecise statement, “the LGBTQ+ community is likely much larger than previously thought.” But they can’t really be sure. Why?

Think about it for just a second. We are constantly told that “being LGBTQ+” is a thing that everyone must recognize, respect, and bow the knee to. But even the Human Rights Campaign, in its own report, effectively admits that that phrase is so unwieldly, meaning different things to different people, that it is therefore simply impossible to count such people because that ever-growing alphabet soup train of letters really means nothing and actually applies to no one. This is a very important point that all must appreciate.

Leaders in the gay movement have known this for quite some while. Gay British intellectual Douglas Murray explains in his book The Madness of Crowds why the assertion of an “LGBT individual or community” is a practical absurdity.  When someone says, “As an LGBTQ+ person…” or “As a member of the LGBTQ+ community…” we should take them very seriously and ask them precisely what they mean with that term and expect a reasonable answer. Their answer will be descriptive of no actual person in any meaningful way. As Murray notes, “And so we are asked to agree to things which we cannot believe.”

No one is or can be all of these. And they are certainly not the “community” they claim to be.

Each, by their own definitions, are dramatically mutually exclusive categories. One cannot be lesbian and gay. For those two words to actually mean anything, you must be one or the other and they are indeed two very different things. They are as different from one another as gay is from straight. The Ls critique the Gs for being so sexually promiscuous, and the Gs dislike that the Ls are so emotionally clingy. And being either G or L means that you are decidedly not B or T. By definition. These people certainly do not go together.

We should honor the people using these terms by taking their words seriously. And doing so reveals the holes in their rhetoric. Being L means you are a biological woman who is attracted only to other biological women. It is intended to be a highly exclusive category. A lesbian is not merely attracted to a female gender identity. She is not attracted to any of the other supposed 58, 64, or 70 genders we are confidently told exist. She is attracted to female bodies, to the female sex. Same goes for gay men, but different. They are men who only like actual men. Both are inherently binary. Neither of them go in for make-believers, regardless of surgery. So, the L, the G, the B, and the T are all very different and inherently binary things. No one can meaningfully call themselves an “LGBT person.” It is non-sensical.

The Q [both “questioning” and “queer”] comes along and denounces binarity itself in favor of a “spectrum” that is wholly made up. Simply put, the letters do not logically cohere at all. And HRC has essentially admitted this in its new report.

The So-Called “LGBTQ Community” Is Imploding

And because these things are all so very mutually exclusive, the rank artificiality of an “LGBTQ+ community” is revealing itself. This so-called “community” itself never really was and is in the process of imploding. How?

The Ls and the Gs have always been highly suspicious of each other because male and female sexuality is very different. Both have never really trusted the Bs, claiming they are just too scared to declare themselves genuinely homosexual. It is only in the last few years that the Ts have been fully welcomed. Susan Stryker, co-editor and founder of the Transgender Studies Quarterly explained to The New York Times in 2014 the long alienation of the Ts from this supposed “community”:

“All along…many non-trans gays and lesbians considered transgender issues to be more marginal, more deviant, less respectable and less important. Some find us threatening to their own sense of self, express open hostility, and disparage us as weird, sick or misguided. The ‘T’ has thus had a fraught relationship with ‘LGB…’”

And now, lesbians who flatly refuse to show any interest in men who truly believe they are “women” are literally the worst people in the world. Such women are demeaned as TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist). In the artificial, but truly brutal “LGBTQ community” it is wholly acceptable to call for every manner of violence against lesbians and other women who insist on the reality of male and female. The Ts and Qs are the new misogynists, all under the obscene banner of inclusion. Both are categorically erasing the Ls because they stubbornly insist women are women, and anyone else is pretending.

So do not use the term “LGBTQ” or any of its multiple and non-sensical iterations thinking you are describing something that actually exists. You are not. Nor are you showing respect or kindness to any person or group of people. You are merely mouthing an empty political term designed to create the illusion of something. And as Douglas Murray said, we should not agree to things which we cannot believe. And HRC’s new report proves this is precisely what “LGBTQ” is.
Reasonable people should be altogether done with it.

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