Coach Jim Harbaugh is, once again, speaking up for preborn babies.

Harbaugh is currently the head coach for the University of Michigan football team. He’s a former head coach for the San Francisco 49ers, which he led to Super Bowl XVLII in 2013, as well was a former NFL quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

On July 17, Coach Harbaugh spoke at the Plymouth Right to Life Dinner, in Michigan, and told the audience, “I believe in having the courage to let the unborn be born.”

Shortly thereafter, Coach Harbaugh gave an interview to ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski, where he again spoke about his pro-life convictions, and said he had offered to adopt his player’s “unplanned” babies.

“I encourage them if they have a pregnancy that wasn’t planned, to go through with it, go through with it. Let that unborn child be born, and if at that time, you don’t feel like you can care for it, you don’t have the means or the wherewithal, then Sarah and I will take that baby,” the coach said.

Now, Coach Harbaugh is again openly discussing his pro-life views, this time on EWTN’s “Pro-Life Weekly,” with host Prudence Robertson.

“Someone should not have the right to deliberately choose abortion and end the life of an unborn human,” the coach said.

Coach Harbaugh told Robertson that he has been pro-life for practically his entire life, after first hearing at age five how some societies would leave unwanted, newborn babies outside to die from exposure.

At age nine, Harbaugh said he remembers hearing a reporter talking on the news of a baby who was found after being left in a dumpster.

“At [age] 10, [in] 1973 abortion was legalized in the United States in Roe v. Wade. To me, in my mind, that was no different than a barbaric culture or a baby that was killed at birth.”

The coach added, “Without [the right to life], there are no other rights.”

You can watch Coach Harbaugh’s full interview with EWTN here:

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