Last week the nation’s most radical abortion bill was introduced in the Colorado General Assembly, HB22-1279, the so-called “Reproductive Health Equity Act.” This bill would not only codify abortion under state law, but it would also invalidate existing limits on abortion and prohibit future laws restricting abortion. 

Shockingly, this abortion on demand bill would legalize abortion at all stages of pregnancy, right up to the moment before birth, and for any reason whatsoever.  

That’s right – if this measure became law, it would legalize discrimination in the womb. According to this bill, a preborn baby could legally be aborted because it was the wrong race, the wrong sex, or had a disability.  

Moreover, the bill declares that preborn babies have no rights under Colorado law. Indeed, it would ban the state from providing any rights to babies in the womb. 

As mentioned, the bill would invalidate all existing laws that restrict abortion and prohibit the creation of any new laws limiting abortion.

So for example, the Colorado Parental Notification Law requires that abortion providers notify a parent or guardian if a minor is scheduled to have an abortion procedure. This bill would invalidate that law as an unlawful restriction on abortion access. 

This bill would also prohibit any new limits on abortion like ultrasound requirements, bans on late-term abortion, informed consent laws, waiting period laws, fetal pain laws, restrictions on telemedicine abortions, bans on abortion based on race, sex, or disability, or even laws regarding health and safety standards for abortion facilities. 

This measure would also prohibit conscience laws meaning that doctors and nurses could be forced to perform abortions even if it goes against their conscience or else lose their jobs. 

Under the logic of this bill, a city may be prohibited from declaring itself a sanctuary city for the preborn. Sanctuary cities for the preborn outlaw the practice of abortions within the city’s limits.

Indeed, cities and counties may be forced to open their communities to the abortion industry. 

In short, this measure would make Colorado a travel destination for unrestricted abortion on demand.

Hearings will begin this week on HB22-1279. The Colorado House Health & Insurance Committee will hear testimony and vote on this measure on Wednesday, March 9, 2022. 

If you are a Colorado resident, please consider testifying (remotely or in-person) against the bill and/or contacting the members of the committee and your representative to urge a no vote.

Let’s make a stand for life! 

Preborn babies deserve to be protected under the law – not sentenced to death by it.


Photo from Shutterstock.