“When you have something to say, silence is a lie,” says Dr. Jordan Peterson, the renowned author, speaker and former professor at the University of Toronto.

It seems Peterson has a lot to say these days, and he has no interest in being a liar.

At the outset of June “Pride Month” in the United States and “Pride Season” (June-Sept) in Canada, the unapologetic lecturer lit up X over the weekend with a series of provocative tweets.

“The celebration of casual hedonistic self-centered sex is not the celebration of love,” Dr. Peterson wrote. “Pride is not a festival of love. It’s a festival of pride. That’s why it’s called Pride. I believe people when they say what they mean. And now it’s a whole bloody season. Not a parade. Not a day. Not a week. Not a month. A season. Why? Because self-absorbed narcissists have no limits. The outer edge of no limits is where the real monsters live. A warning.”

There was more:

“Furthermore, Pride is not inclusive. It excludes everyone who is not part of the bloody rainbow brigade, and purposefully …”

“And seriously enough of the ‘gender-affirming’ butchers and liars (and there are few lies currently circulating bigger than that term and everything it represents). The ‘gender-affirming’ movement will be the death first of the gay community, which never was a ‘community,’ by the way, so that’s yet another lie. So there’s no coalition at all on the LGBTETC, much less a ‘community.’ There is instead an internal battle there that is far worse than anything the LG types faced back when the only thing they had to worry about was Christian conservatism. At least no one was being castrated or subjected to unnecessary mastectomies in those bad old days.”

Contrast Dr. Peterson, who is neither a theologian nor pastor, nor even a Christian, with a tweet from the University of Notre Dame, purportedly one of the leading Catholic universities in the nation.

This #PrideMonth, in keeping with our Catholic character, we seek to build a community in which all students are welcome, feel a sense of belonging, and can flourish on campus and in our Notre Dame family.

To all members of the LGBTQ+ community, including our own students, alumni, faculty and staff, we’re glad you’re here.

Of course anyone struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction is to be treated warmly and lovingly, but Catholic teaching does not call for those living in a sin to be celebrated and left to go on sinning. Where is the call for repentance and change?

Instead, Notre Dame publishes a series of photographs of the college lit up in different colors side-by-side, an obvious nod to the co-opted rainbow symbolism.

In the upside-down world of 2024, a secular professor is speaking truth while a university run by a Catholic order is perpetuating a lie.


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