If you ask most Christians whether there is an “anti-Christian” bias in Hollywood, they’ll probably look like you asked whether 2 + 2 = 4. “Uh … duh,” they may reply. And yet, it’s a rare day when someone on the left admits as much.

But recently, actor Rainn Wilson – who is politically on the left – said that he does believe there is “anti-Christian” bias in Hollywood.

Wilson is best known for his thrice Emmy Award-winning performance as Dwight Schrute in the NBC sitcom The Office.

“I do think there is an anti-Christian bias in Hollywood,” Wilson tweeted on March 11. “As soon as the David character in ‘The Last of Us’ started reading from the Bible I knew that he was going to be a horrific villain.”

According to the Daily Wire, “The former star of ‘The Office’ made the comment regarding the penultimate episode of ‘The Last of Us’ on HBO Max. In episode 8, ‘When We Are In Need,’ the show’s main character Ellie encounters a group of survivors led by a cult-leading cannibal who keeps quoting the Bible.”

Wilson’s prediction turned out to be true, as the character who reads the Bible – David – attempts to rape someone at the end of the episode.

You can read his Wilson’s full tweet here:

His tweet has since been viewed by over 8.7 million people.

As previously mentioned, Wilson is not on the right. He is very much on the left.

Wilson is a member of the Bahá’í faith – a relatively new religion, founded in the 19th century by Baháʼu’lláh. It teaches that all religions are essential true, and that various historical religious figures, like Abraham, Jesus and Mohammad, gave progressive revelation from a single god.

There are around 8 million adherents to the Bahá’í faith worldwide, and its main problem is readily apparent. The Bahá’í faith violates the law of non-contradiction. Not all religions can be basically or “essentially” true since they often contradict.

If Christianity is true and God exists in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – then Islam is false since it rejects a triune God. Likewise, if Islam is true and Jesus Christ was not divine, then Christianity is false. Either way, the idea that all world religions can “essentially” be true, is false.

In addition to being a member of the Bahá’í faith, Wilson is vocal activist against “climate change,” and has spoken about his support for the so-called LGBT community.

After Wilson’s quote regarding Hollywood’s anti-Christian bias made the news headlines, Wilson seemed to make an about face, writing, “Of course it’s true that the evangelical/political coalition is doing a great deal of damage to our country. Banning books – banning freedoms – denying inconvenient science, taking a grotesque anti-LGBTQ+ platform.”

“But most Christians that I know are kind, accepting and loving and seeking to make the world a better place. They should also be honored in the media,” Wilson added.

Wilson’s assertion that many evangelicals support “banning books” rings hollow. His remark is likely a reference to Florida’s new law which prohibits sexually inappropriate and pornographic materials from being placed in public schools. The Daily Citizen debunked the “book banning” myth here.

But this is beside the point. Wilson – despite being on the political left – is absolutely correct for pointing out that Hollywood is strongly biased against Christianity and Christian values.

“Defamation of Christianity has become the most unoriginal and tired cliches in movie/TV series storylines,” LIBRE Initiative president Daniel Garza wrote after Wilson’s initial remark. “It’s prevalence is much more than a bias against an entire people, it is meant to undermine faith and position the secular-minded as [the] only ones with altruistic intentions.”

You can probably count on one hand the number of A-list celebrities who are openly Christian or conservative. Despite the left’s often-repeated trope about the importance of “diversity,” there is a clear lack of spiritual diversity in Hollywood. This fact is perhaps part of the reason why so much entertainment content in our society is imbued with leftist propaganda and a particular sexual agenda.

If Hollywood and big movie production studios want to stop losing millions of dollars on many of their films, perhaps hiring more Christian and conservative actors, directors and filmmakers would be a good first place to start.

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