In a recent Twitter post, Cecile Richards, the former President of Planned Parenthood, argues that women, especially women of color, will be the deciding factor in the 2020 election. Ironically, she conveniently ignores the reality that the abortion business she used to run aborted hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of baby girls, of all races and ethnicities.

In 2018, Cecile Richards famously announced that she was stepping down from her leadership position at Planned Parenthood. The longtime political activist was instrumental in providing the abortion business with some of its most profitable years and raising its status as a lobbying powerhouse.

After resigning, Richards, who is the daughter of former Democrat Texas Governor Anne Richards, continues to engage in politics as the co-founder of Supermajority, an organization that “is a membership-based home for women’s activism that affirms and builds women’s power, training and mobilizing a community of all ages, races, and backgrounds to become the most effective advocates they can be and build a more equitable future for ALL women.” (author’s emphasis)

On Twitter, Richards recently wrote, “Women are the reason Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are poised to win the election next week, with women of color in the lead! So – it’s time to think about what issues women want him to act on first. Supermajority has a few ideas—what are yours?

Richards fails to realize that opportunity doesn’t start on the campaign trail, but in the womb.

Her former employer aborted roughly 175,000 preborn baby girls in 2018 alone, which is half of the 345,672 abortions completed that year.

It’s also entirely possible that a small percentage of those abortions were performed on the basis of the sex of the baby. For certain families, boys still are more preferable and important than girls. For a price, Planned Parenthood is happy to oblige.

Not to mention that Planned Parenthood intentionally sets up camp in minority neighborhoods, which means that there are more babies aborted from women of color. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Abortion Surveillance report confirms this, showing that African American women account for 38% of the abortions, despite being only 13% of the population. That’s a disparity that can’t be ignored.

Richards may believe that women will tip the hand in the election, and they might, but women could have so much more influence if several hundred thousand preborn baby girls aren’t aborted every year. Since Roe v. Wade, this may account for approximately 30 million female voters, not to mention the 30 or so million male voters.

That’s why advocating for the rights of women isn’t about elections, but about protecting vulnerable babies in the womb.

So, to answer Richard’s tweet, I believe that if Joe Biden is elected and is truly an advocate for women, one of the most powerful things he can do is protect all babies from abortion. That should be his first order of business.

Photo by Shannon Stapleton/REUTERS 


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