Erin and Jon Lee are ordinary middle-class parents on an extraordinary mission — help parents protect their children from radical gender activism at school.

Their film, Art Club, was released earlier this year and can be viewed online for free.

The Lee family knows first-hand the destructive nature of this ideology that teaches young, impressionable children to hate themselves and their bodies.

In 2021, their preteen daughter was targeted by radical gender activists when she attended what she thought was an art club meeting at school.

It turns out the meeting was actually a gender and sexuality awareness club in disguise, and, according to Jon and Erin, the students were told to keep this a secret from their parents.

Jon and Erin were shocked when their daughter came home from school and announced that she was “trans.”

After asking more questions, they learned that “art club” was, in all actuality, a rouse to bring in an outside activist to talk to students about sexuality, puberty blockers and polyamory in the absence of their parents.

According to Erin, her daughter was told, “If she’s not fully comfortable in her biological sex, that means she’s transgender. They told her because she didn’t know who she was sexually attracted to — that means she’s queer. They handed out a contact number to reach the activist, and they told her parents might not be safe and that it’s okay to lie to your parents about this meeting.”

Jon told the Daily Citizen that, as a father, he felt compelled to do something to protect his daughter from this “gender cult.”

“She’s my daughter. I needed to protect her. Protect our family from these outside activists that were trying to strip our daughter from us.”

Jon said, “There was no way my daughter was setting foot back in that building.” They immediately pulled their daughter out of the school.

Erin told the Daily Citizen, “We tried to do things the right way and follow the proper channels by reaching out to the school and the school board, and we got no answers.”

So, Erin and Jon took matters into their own hands.

Erin told the Daily Citizen, “I learned the power of public record request, which I had not ever done before. And I learned that our government is beholden to us. We can see their emails, their calendars and what they’re doing behind closed doors.”

She continued,

What I found is that there’s a deep agenda to transition children behind parents’ backs. I found a 15-page transgender toolkit that has a gender support plan within it. And the very first question in this plan is, are the parents supportive? If no, how do we accommodate? Their plan is to transition kids and lie to parents right off the bat.

We also found evidence of them transitioning an elementary child. The parents found out and objected, and they took it to the administration. And the official guidance from the district was to continue calling that elementary student by their preferred name and lied to the parents about it.

Erin and Jon reached out to a local law enforcement officer about what happened, and they were informed that because there was no physical touch or exposure of body parts, there was no way to hold the activists accountable for the actions they took to sexually destabilize their daughter.

The officer, a child sex crime detective, told them he was very disturbed by what happened, and if it were him, he would get loud and tell everyone who would listen.

That’s exactly what the Lee family did.

Erin told the Daily Citizen,

I was a very normal mom before this all happened to us. I was non-controversial, I wanted people to like me, I was non-confrontational, and I’ve had to really dig deep to find my voice. And when we went public, there was a lot of hate that came at us. We’re called bigots, haters and murderers.

She continued,

But what we also found was there are thousands and thousands of parents like us who’ve been affected by this agenda. We’ve had church groups, politicians and other parents who’ve rallied behind us to help elevate our voice on this issue.

Now, Erin and Jon are committed to bringing awareness to other families about the predatory nature of the “trans” movement, to empower parents and protect children from this sexually abusive ideology.

To hear their whole story, watch the documentary here.

To learn more about Erin’s advocacy for children and parents, visit her account on X.


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