Do you know of a couple whose marriage is facing a crisis? Are you looking for biblically centered parenting tools to raise your children? Are you prepared to discuss today’s hot topics from a Christian perspective? 

For the last 40 years, people have turned to Focus on the Family for help in their marriages, parenting and engaging the culture for biblical values. It’s the go-to resource for families who may be struggling or perhaps need some encouragement. Here are comments from just a few:

“Your godly counselors have blessed me and my family beyond measure. With the help of your advice, guidance and prayer, our 48-year marriage has been saved and healed. The most wonderful thing of all is that my husband has finally surrendered to the Lord. Thank you and God bless all of you!” –Linda, Pennsylvania

 “Nine months after getting married, the Lord called my wife and me to adopt five special-needs kids, as they needed an emergency home. I relied on the biblical view of marriage and parenting that I got from the teachings of Focus radio programs.” –Ryan, New York

“I am renewing my Citizen magazine subscription. I inhale the thing from front to back every time I receive an issue, because it is so well-rounded!  It gives us the facts, but also gives us hope.  Your articles seem to touch on information that we’re looking for at just the right time.” –Linda, Oklahoma

Five strategic priorities guide Focus on the Family’s ministry and mission: evangelism, marriage, parenting, advocacy for children and engaging the culture. From those priorities come radio broadcasts, magazines, web articles, and Christian counseling referrals.  From advice to new parents and engaged couples to practical guidance for grandparents, Focus on the Family’s resources have equipped generations of families to live healthy, godly lives.

Here are few of the tools currently available:

For children: The Adventures in Odyssey Club offers kids online access to the entire library of Adventures in Odyssey radio dramas, as well as daily devotions and video segments giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into the production of the stories. Focus also publishes a series of magazines: Clubhouse, Clubhouse Jr. and the return of the popular teen girl publication Brio this month.

For single adults: The Boundless Show (podcast and web page) explore unique issues faced by singles in an increasingly secular world

For foster and adoptive families: Focus’ “Wait No More” events encourage families to open their homes to children in the foster care system with the intention to adopt them as their own. The ministry offers several resources for families on this life-changing journey.

For More Information: is your entry point for accessing these and other resources.

Originally published in the June 2017 issue of Citizen magazine.