Former President Donald J. Trump recently gave his thoughts on the leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft majority opinion overruling Roe v. Wade and returning total lawmaking authority over abortion back to the states and the U.S. Congress.

Though Chief Justice John Roberts has since confirmed that the draft is authentic, the opinion is neither final nor conclusive, since justices can modify and switch their votes until the final opinion is released.

Speaking with CBN News Political Analyst David Brody, President Trump discussed the leaked opinion, and the justices that he placed on the high court: Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

Brody posed the following question to the president: “The Supreme Court now authenticating that draft opinion by Sam Alito, in essence overturning Roe v. Wade, were you surprised to see this?”

“Well, we don’t know exactly if that’s true, because it was certainly something that they’re working on it would imagine, I don’t think anyone made it up. It sounded like him.

“He’s a great man. By the way. He’s a tremendous guy. But as a justice, he’s just fantastic. And, and you have some, some great ones up there now. But we have to find out what that means. And somebody’s going to do something about it. Are they going to try and change it? Is it real, nobody really knows. And they don’t know who leaked it.

“I will say the leak was a terrible thing. You’re just not used to that for the Supreme Court. We see it so much leaking in our world, in your world in my world. And although not so much. Now, it’s very interesting. You know, you try and cover those leaks, but you’ve never seen it, or they’ve rarely seen it. In the Supreme Court. It was very shocking, I think. I think it was very bad thing for the court.”

Brody then said that some individuals are blaming (or thanking) the president for the potential overturning of Roe due to the three justices he nominated to the Supreme Court.

“Well, a lot of people are very happy about that. So some people maybe say it’s my fault. And some people say, thank you very much,” President Trump replied.

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