You can now count Fox News among the major corporations happily gulping the Gay Pride Kool-Aid this month. In the final minutes of America’s Newsroom the morning of June 10, Fox News featured a total fluff piece introduced with a red, white and blue “America Together LGBTQ+ Pride Month” graphic about a highly telegenic but activist Southern California family of four celebrating one of their daughters who believes she is a boy.

The piece is chock-full of tired and predictable ideological talking points straight from the “trans” politics playbook:

  • “The Whittington’s are a typical family … and the only difference in Rylan’s eyes is what this family can mean to the tens of thousands of kids under 18 who identify as transgender.”
  • “We put our story out there so people could see that there is another family going through what we’re going through or there is another family who is proud of who they are.”
  • “Before Rylan could speak he managed to tell his parents that he is a boy.”
  • “When he came out at age five.”
  • “…hopes their experience can help others…”
  • “It was like painful. It was painful for him to have to wear feminine clothing…”
  • “We were confused like most people… We thought gender and sexuality were the same thing. Those two things are different and children actually do recognize their gender identity very young.”
  • “Allowing him to live authentically and true to himself and be who he feels like he is. When you get to know Rylan he see how proud and confident he is of himself.”

Each of these are chapter-and-verse buzz phrases of gender ideology, based on falsehoods about what it means to be human. They are anti-science and contrary to biology itself. They are deception.

And like clockwork, the reporter offers the false talking point that kids who are not affirmed in their confusion will likely kill themselves. This is the worst kind of ideological manipulation, and of course, it is false. But Fox parrots it dutifully in this story.

Mrs. Whittington, the mother, actually says, “I would rather have a living son than a dead daughter.” This is one of the most tired and false lines in the movement’s arsenal.

God is also slickly brought into it.

The Fox reporter, Bryan Llenas, who according to his Wikipedia page, “has confirmed he is gay and has talked openly about working for a conservative company as a gay minority…” explained they also listened to the mother’s “conservative faith” in their family journey. Mrs. Whittington explains, “For me it is a deep spiritual belief that you believe in God and he, you know, created us the way he wanted us and he created Ryland just the way he is.”

This is an extremely deceptive lie about the goodness of God. God does not play tricks with our bodies. He does not tell us lies through the bodies He gives us. They are gifts that are inherently good as male or female. But trans ideology tells us he does deceive us and that is exactly what this mother is saying.

The Fox reporter continues…

“And unlike some trans kids, when Rylan came out at age five … he had the full support of his parents.”

This piece trotted out the overwrought and false rhetoric accompanied by “research” graphics provided by a gender activist organization that such kids will self-harm if they are not fully celebrated in their confusion. But this research has been demonstrated faulty on many levels for years.

It is essential to understand that there is no such thing as a “trans kid.”

Even the American Psychiatric Association admits “trans” or “transgender” are not actual medical terms. They don’t mean any one thing either. In fact, few terms are more elastic. “Transgender” is simply a catch-all term for anyone demonstratively challenging the fact that male and female are biological realities. It is a wholly ideological term and has not connection with anything objectively real.

As liberal feminist Kara Dansky explains in her important book, The Abolition of Sex: How the “Transgender” Agenda Harms Women and Girls,

Here is the truth we cannot speak: “gender identity” does not exist in any real, material sense, and “transgender” is simply a made-up concept that is used to justify all of kinds of atrocities. It is in effect, a men’s rights movement intended to objectify women’s bodies and erase us as class. It is left-wing misogyny on steroids. (emphasis in original)

Dansky is exactly right. And this is why playing along with trans ideology so evil. It erases womanhood and denies the very image and goodness of God.

If being male or female have no biological rootedness, and are defined merely by ethereal feelings, then both cease to exist in any meaningful way. It is why our nation’s first black female Supreme Court justice knew she dare not answer when asked what a woman is in her confirmation hearing. Trans politics erases womanhood.

And Fox News is now actively participating in this deception. They should know better.

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