What began as a joke has now become a reality: Chick-fil-A helped local government officials speed up the drive-thru line at a COVID-19 vaccine site after a computer glitch caused a traffic jam.

In December, Joe Kinsey jokingly wrote for Outkick, “I’m proposing Chick-fil-A as the official administrator of COVID vaccines.

“That’s right, it’s time to cut to the chase here and hire Chick-fil-A to work their magic and get this country rolling again, one chicken sandwich and shoulder shot at a time…

“Imagine a world where Chick-fil-A vaccinates the country with a ‘My pleasure’ and a Chick-n-Strip meal. Laugh all you want. How bad do you want this vaccine out into society?”

But in South Carolina, this idea is no longer any joking matter.

Fox 13 News reports that Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Mayor Will Haynie asked the manager of a local Chick-fil-A for help to speed up their COVID-19 vaccine drive-thru line. The computer glitch had caused the line to backup, making some wait for an hour.

Mayor Haynie called in his friend, Chick-fil-A manager Jerry Walkowiak, to help quicken the process. The mayor later tweeted out a video of the manager directing traffic.

“Chic Fil A manager Jerry Walkowiak donating his professional drive thru experience to help our vaccination program in Mt Pleasant today,” the mayor wrote. “When you need help, call the pros.”

According to Fox 13, Mayor Haynie said that with Walkowiak’s help, the wait time dropped from one hour to just 15 minutes.

“Chic Fil A to the rescue!” the mayor added.

He plans to use Walkowiak and Chick-fil-A again in the future to help keep the process moving smoothly.

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Photo from Twitter