Goya Foods has announced that it will deliver hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to the Ukrainian people amidst the ongoing Russian invasion of the nation.

“#GoyaEuropa, the European arm of #goyaFoods Inc., will distribute hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to the people of #Ukraine in response to the international call for critical aid of food, fuel, and medicine,” Goya Foods tweeted on February 28, 2022.

In a lengthier Facebook post, the company added that because of the company’s facilities and distributors throughout Europe, “Goya is positioned to provide humanitarian aid and is quickly mobilize [sic] products to Ukraine and Poland, where many refugees are fleeing.

“Through our Goya Gives global initiative, Goya has always been at the forefront of disaster and humanitarian relief efforts, however, this is a historic attack and genocide on innocent civilians and we cannot sit back and do nothing. We are blessed to have a presence nearby and we are fortunate to be able to answer the call for help.

“We send our prayers and love to the people of Ukraine and all those who are on the ground putting their own lives at risk to help those in need,” the company added.

On March 4, Goya posted several pictures of their campaign to help Ukraine in action.

“The first shipment of 3 trailers of Goya products including canned beans, vegetables, and meats have been deployed to Ukraine with the help of Global Empowerment Mission, totaling over 120,000 lbs of food,” Goya wrote.

“We are working closely with Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) who are on the ground in Ukraine, Poland, and Russia to safely and securely deliver food, water, and supplies directly to people in need. They are an amazing organization that we have worked with before during times of crisis. For those who would like to support their efforts with donations, contact GEM directly at http://www.globalempowermentmission.org/,” the company suggested.

Goya Foods has a long history of giving and helping those in need.

In 2020, the company gave “one million cans of Goya chickpeas and one million pounds of food to food banks around the country to help those suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Then in 2021, Goya announced a $2 million grant to combat human trafficking, also launching Goya Cares, an initiative to raise awareness around the issue.

If there was ever a situation where humanitarian aid was needed, the ongoing and worsening war in Ukraine would be it.

According to the United Nations, in just the first seven days of the conflict, over one million refugees fled the country. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reports that half a million of the refugees are children.

“I have worked in refugee emergencies for almost 40 years, and rarely have I seen an exodus as rapid as this one,” Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said in a recent statement.

Clearly, the Ukrainian people need all the humanitarian aid they can get.

Bravo to Goya Foods for stepping up to help during this time of crisis.

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