Abortion defies logic. 

Doctors are supposed to save lives, not take them. We go to great lengths to preserve, extend and celebrate life. We mourn death. Babies are gifts, not burdens. 

So how do you explain this recent letter from Citigroup to its shareholders?

In response to changes in reproductive healthcare laws in certain states in the U.S., beginning in 2022 we provide travel benefits to facilitate access to adequate resources.

“Adequate resources” – cold words to describe dark places. In other words, we’re going to pay for your trip to an abortion clinic – where you can then end the life of a baby who would have otherwise grown into an adult and potentially become one of our valued customers one day.

Citigroup is responding to the passage of heartbeat bills in eight states (Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Texas) limiting abortion after the detection of a baby’s heartbeat. Many abortion-minded women in those states have since chosen life for their babies. Others carrying children beyond the designated point are now either traveling or purchasing abortifacient pills via the mail.

Corporations commit major dollars to recruiting and cultivating customers. Even setting aside the foolish decision to embrace the moral evil of abortion itself, why would a company deliberately sabotage those cultivation efforts? They’re obviously making a calculated gamble. They’re deciding the short-term props they receive from abortion activists somehow outweighs future corporate gains.

But like the illogic of abortion itself, Citgroup’s radical grandstanding even contradicts its own articulated mission. 

On its website, the financial behemoth proudly proclaims it has two centuries worth of experience helping its clients “meet the world’s toughest challenges” by assisting them in embracing “its greatest opportunities.”

An undesired pregnancy may, indeed, represent a tough challenge – but killing a baby is no way to meet it. In fact, if Citibank truly wants to help its customers embrace its “greatest opportunities” (which is the essence of a new life) they would help provide its pregnant clients with practical assistance to carry their new baby to term. 

George P. Bush, the nephew of former president George W. Bush, called Citigroup’s announcement “nothing but a PR stunt by a ‘woke’ company to support a culture of death.”

He’s exactly right. Shareholders should rise up in objection – not only because the move is immoral, but also because the company is deliberately hurting their future prospects and violating their own stated goals.

Abortion is big business in the United States and around the world, adding up to billions of dollars per year. Even more importantly, and well beyond its financial blow, it robs us of the beauty of children and future greatness.

If you’re one of the 200 million people around the world who do business with Citigroup, you might want to reach out to them to express your disgust and encourage them to live up to their own stated mission.


Photo from Shutterstock.