In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus exhorts his disciples to pray for the Lord to send more Christians to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (Matthew 9:37-38).

But how can parents encourage their children to be mission-focused, and mindful about the billions of people worldwide who have yet to hear about Jesus Christ?

Brinkman Adventures is here to help.

Brinkman Adventures is a captivating audio drama series that creatively tells “powerful stories from the lives of real people.”

The series tells these very real stories through the fictional Brinkman family, who take adventures that “will strengthen your faith and family and entertain listeners of all ages.”

The series is produced by Beachglass Ministries, a “non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to inspiring, motivating and facilitating the next generation.”

The Daily Citizen spoke with Ian Bultman, President/Board Chairman/Director of the Brinkman Adventures.

Bultman married his high school sweetheart, is the father of 10 children and served as a music pastor for 20 years.

During his time as a pastor, Bultman took a 24-hour sabbatical where his heart and mind kept coming back to the topic of missions.

As he was leaving for the trip, he saw his 8-year-old son Josh “digging for dinosaurs” in their backyard, because he listened to Jonathan Park, a radio show all about creation, science and paleontology. Because of the show, Josh had decided he wanted to be a paleontologist.

And as he was thinking about Josh and missions on his sabbatical, “That’s when this idea hit. Do a radio show like Jonathan Park but tell modern missionary stories to inspire kids, to inspire the next generation of missionaries.”

Brinkman Adventures now has eight seasons, which tell the missionary stories of the Free Burma Rangers and prisoners who sing songs of praise to God in a Russian prison among many others.

Bultman started out producing the series in 2009 and took on the project full time in 2016.

Brinkman’s newest audio drama is titled Freedom: William Bradford and the American Pilgrims.

“With Freedom, my hope is that people remember the freedoms that were fought for,” Bultman said. “And to understand that no matter what happens, we’re like them, we’re pilgrims. Our eyes are set on heaven and this stuff is all so temporary.”

Listeners can purchase the dramas as either physical CDs, or as digital downloads.

The series are now being reproduced in various other languages, including Romanian, Hindi, Russian and German among others.

More audio series are also in the works.

Bultman told us, “We have gotten countless letters and emails from people all around the world, where people have said, ‘I think God wants me to serve this way’ which is exactly why we started this.”

Through his 13-year journey producing Brinkman Adventures, Bultman said that he’s learned that there are so many ways to do missions.

“When I started, I thought Josh can’t be a missionary and a paleontologist,” he said. “I’ve realized that there are so many ways that we can be missionaries. My eyes were opened up to a much bigger kingdom. A much bigger concept of missions.”

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