While people across the country are dying from COVID-19 or just going stir crazy from the stay-at-home orders, for some in Hollywood the main concern remains the financial stability of independent abortion clinics across the country. To help them meet payroll so they can continue killing babies, these pro-abortion activists have set up an online fundraiser, called Operation Save Abortion, which is set to take place on April 30.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, celebrities involved with this fundraiser includes Elizabeth Banks (actress and producer), W. Kamau Bell (comic and television host), Nikki Glaser (comedian and actress), Jenny Slate (actress), Sandra Bernhard (actress) and Margaret Cho (comedian). The event is being hosted by Lizz Winstead, who is one of the co-creators of The Daily Show, and will “help independent abortion providers keep their doors open.”

“This is important now because anti-abortion politicians are using COVID as a way to halt abortion access,” Winstead told The Hollywood Reporter. “This country has already profoundly stripped away access to abortion care. To think that they would use a pandemic as an excuse to cut off health care to people in a time where so many people are food, housing and job insecure because they see an opening to achieve their political goals is unconscionable.”

Winstead continued, “As someone who has had abortions, I know that they allowed me to create a life for myself that allowed me to survive and thrive. Thank God for those who provide this care—it saves lives, and I will not sit back and let those who provide abortions and those who need them be alone in this fight. They need all of our support. And to those of you compelled to weigh in on the health care decisions of strangers, literally—no one asked you.”

This event is being done in coordination with Abortion Access Front, Abortion Care Network and Shout Your Abortion, a website and movement that encourages women to share their abortion stories. Due to the stay-a-home orders, the entire event will take place on Instagram (@AbortionFront) from 10:00am to 10:00pm ET on April 30. During this live stream, women will be encouraged to share about their abortion experience.

In the midst of a global pandemic, it seems odd for celebrities to care so much about the viability of a for-profit industry that often operates with little government oversight and regulations. Women have died from botched abortions and preborn babies are killed every day. The idea that abortion somehow saves lives is laughable, and since abortion clinics make a profit with every patient they see, it’s difficult to imagine that any of these organizations are actually experiencing tremendous “suffering.” Besides a handful of states, unfortunately most women can still access an abortion.

This event is pointless.

So, this April 30, take some time and pray for these women who have suffered through an abortion or are pregnant right now and considering an abortion. Though there may be a desire to engage on social media with those who are participating, instead take the opportunity to maybe read what they have experienced to learn how to better pray over them. Also, it may be a great opportunity to reach out local pro-life pregnancy resource centers in your city/town and see if there is a need for volunteers or donations.