This is a story of two secular women, one well known, one not, and how the latter gave the former a massive dose of moral courage with just a few gently placed words.

The two women are Megyn Kelly and Kellie-Jay Keen.

Kelly was a highly placed prime-time FOX News anchor and now hosts her own top-rated independent daily talk show aired on SiriusXM. Keen is a brave British woman’s rights activist who is fighting furiously for the word “woman” to still mean something against the attacks of “trans” and gender activists. Her battle is simply to get the world to recognize that a woman is an “adult human female.” Yes, it is indeed a sign of the times that advocating for this commonsense definition is necessary and controversial.

Keen was recently on Megyn Kelly’s show to discuss all this. Keen’s strong stand is that no one should ever say things about male and female that we all know to be untrue. She fiercely contends no one should ever back down from or apologize for simply being true to biological reality.

Keen told Kelly she does not use “personal pronouns” in accordance with the gender orthodoxy because “it’s not a courtesy, its damaging for women every time we allow these men to creep into our language and erode a little bit of our boundaries.” Keen calls pronoun use a “gateway drug” to gender ideology. She then concludes, “So I just absolutely refuse to do it.” Keen correctly and boldly states, “As far as I’m concerned, there is no man on this planet that deserves the pronouns she/her.”

Keen knew she was speaking to Megyn Kelly’s massive audience. But she also realized she had the undivided attention of one very influential and powerful women. That was Megyn Kelly herself. So she confidently seized her opportunity and made a strong but gentle appeal, woman to woman, to Megyn herself.

Keen said,

If you’re advocating for others, if you have a platform to speak, such as in the media and you’re an incredibly strong and successful woman like you, then I think it would be great if you held the line because so many women look up to you. I would really like to see you hold that line quite tight.

You can watch Keen make this loving appeal here:

Keen probably did not think her gentle encouragement toward bold moral courage would have much affect on Megyn Kelly, but it certainly did. Just the following week, Megyn Kelly launched into a fiery monologue on the subject and the moral clarity that Keen set ablaze in Kelly just days ago was evident.

The woman who admitted just last week she used “preferred pronouns” because she believed it was the “kind” thing to do was gone. Keen’s moral courage and clarity was infectious and turned Megyn Kelly into this strong, determined woman.

Such is the power of moral courage. It is infectious. It gives strength to others to stand up for what we all know is right.

These secular women developed the courage to speak out against gender ideology’s lies against what God has graciously and lovingly created in male and female. Christians should certainly catch and spread the same kind of unapologetic, reasoned courage.

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