Too many people easily assume that all the letters in the sexual revolution alphabet soup are all generally aligned with a common belief system, making them one happy community. Everyone should understand this is not true.

It is important during pride month, as we see happy rainbows everywhere, to make sure we understand that this movement is currently splintering in dramatic ways. It’s happening because some of these letters see reality in very different ways. These divergent views hold competing truth claims, demonstrating why this infamous string of letters is, in actuality, an incoherent mess.

As gay founding father Andrew Sullivan has explained, “LGBTQ+” doesn’t properly describe any actual person and “doesn’t refer to a single, identifiable group, experience, or community.” Sullivan explains, “It refers to multiple ones. And each is distinct, discrete and often very different.”

One of the most significant, but seldom appreciated, differences comes down to the question of whether humanity is binary or a diverse spectrum of possibilities.

  • The Ls, the Gs, and the Bs are fundamentally binary.
  • The Ts and the Qs believe the binary is the root of all evil and celebrate an ever-growing spectrum of self-created possibilities.

Simply put, these two views cannot co-exist. Thus, as you put all these distinct beliefs together, the LGBT acronym becomes immediately self-contradictory. And that fact has started to reveal itself.

The Ls, the Gs, and the Bs know what actual men and women are. They are very clear on the fact. To be truthful, these are the only two options they seriously consider. The Ls are women who like women. No other sexes or genders are included in the L. Who do Ls not like? Men. That’s it. Binary.

Same with the Gs, but different. They are men who only like actual men, and pass on women. Binary. The other 35, 49 or 86 supposed new genders do not even exist as far as they are concerned.

And the Bs? Goodness, they have the binary right there in their name!

So, the Ls, the Gs, and Bs are all about male and female and they have no confusion discerning one from the other. In fact, they pride themselves on that clarity, do they not?

It is worth noting that the Bs are easily the largest slice of the “LGBTQ” pie and the overwhelming majority of Bs are women, given the greater plasticity of female sexuality. But the plentiful Bs are, by far, the least powerful of the letters.

The Ts and Qs are the clear minorities, size wise, and the late comers, but now wield most of the power.

Unlike the first three letters, the Ts and Qs see the male/female binary as a problem to root out at all costs in favor of a spectrum of countless new gendered possibilities. If they ever speak confidently of male and female, it is only of those who used to be the other. For them, the spectrum dwellers (i.e., those who create new identities out of their imaginations) are the only genders worth respecting.

For them, natural male and female are mere social constructs: Illusions created by patriarchal social expectation. But when anyone breaks free from these “illusions” and become something different, like this person, then they really are their wholly true “most authentic self.”

Thus, according to trans and queer ideology, the only actual man or woman is the one newly adopted by identity. And everyone must play along with this illusion presented as unquestionable fact. This is what the T means. The Q is simply the invitation to re-write your own script challenging any and every natural norm.


The “LGBTQ+” Crack-Up

So, how is this difference between the binary and spectrum sides of the LGBTQ confab creating problems?

First, these are two very different but irreconcilable views of humanity itself which both neuter the sexes, but in different ways.

One takes male and female as clear, objective truth, even as both the Ls and Gs categorically reject the necessity of the other for marriage and family life. The spectrum Ts and Qs ironically hold that male and female only become real when they are adopted as a new replacement identity.

Second, the power shift toward the Ts and Qs has created the absolute erasure of womanhood.

  • It is precisely why Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson dared not say she knew what a woman is in her confirmation hearing when she clearly does know.
  • It is why powerful voices now use dumb phrases like “people who menstruate,” “birthing people,” and “people with a capacity for pregnancy” instead of women and those who push back are called “transphobic.”
  • It is why a delightful British woman and mother, Kellie-Jay Keen was prohibited from displaying a billboard in her town that simply, in literal black and white, defined the word “woman” as an “adult human female.”
  • It is why academic journals now declare, “It’s time for OBGYNs to care for people of all genders.” Why we are being told by lefty publications, “Women aren’t the only people who get abortions.” It is why the beautiful gift of breastfeeding babies is now called “chestfeeding.” It’s why the Le Leche League has opened their services up to men who believe they are women and allows “trans” men to lead classes.

Third, it means that LGB members and allies who cross the Ts and Qs can be brutally threatened with impunity.

You see, the Ls, the Gs and the Bs thought they were just opening up brave new opportunities for sexual expression that would hurt no one because they involved consensual private acts. But what they ended up unleashing was the erasure of the very thing they were seeking to champion. J.K. Rowling explains this bluntly.

It is clear to anyone paying attention that the LGBT project is incoherent because it is internally contradictory. By trying to live by its own tenets, it is erasing key parts of itself precisely because it is intentionally denying what it means to be human.

No one can have pride in or celebrate that.


Image from Shutterstock.