Nature has been one of the most respected and extensively read scientific journals in the academic literature. Founded in 1869, its articles have long been widely cited by scientists around the world.

But a new commentary published in Nature’s august pages is now discouraging scientific investigation, at least into the causes of gender confusion in individuals. Even though they reassure their readers at the conclusion, “Our aim is not to halt scientific enquiry,” this commentary clearly challenges such important efforts.

The commentary warns that even ethically approved neuroscientific research into gender confusion that obtains full informed consent from study subjects can be harmful.

Specifically, based on 2022 focus-group results, the commentary’s six authors hold “that studies that look for a neurological basis to transgender identities could have a pathologizing effect.” They also warn that scientists should never fail to anticipate “how the transgender community would perceive their experimental procedure.” They add their focus-group “participants also agreed that a biological-determinist approach does not do justice to the complex and layered experience of identifying as transgender.”

This is the admission that some people create new gender identities simply because they want to and seeking a biological cause would reveal that fact. Under current gender ideology, no one needs a medical reason or rationale to “identify” as a new gender. This is because we are now in the realm of imaginative role play when it comes to charting new directions in gender and sexual behavior. Nature admits as much in this statement,

However, many transgender people argue that whether someone can receive gender-affirming hormone therapy or other treatment shouldn’t depend on a health-care practitioner deciding that they experience “enough” gender dysphoria to be eligible.

The commentary warns scientific investigation harbors additional harms: “A second possibility is that neuroscientific findings related to transgender identity will fuel transphobic narratives.”

Get what is being said here. Science must ethically stand down when it comes to gender ideology. Any individual’s independent, wholly subjective claim should be all the evidence science and medical professionals need to bow to the wishes to gender ideology.

Nature, one of the preeminent science journals in the world, is opining that science should bow to and limit itself by the dictates of wholly anti-scientific gender ideology. The commentary essentially admits this, confessing, “there is a history of tension between the scientific and transgender communities.” The commentary even put the phrase real women in scare quotes, charging “neuroscientific research is sometimes misused to bolster flawed claims about what ‘real’ means.”

This is indeed a troubling turn.

Finding a biological causation for same-sex sexual attraction was once the most important scientific investigation cheered by gay activists. Despite Lady Gaga’s infamous claim, no evidence established any such root in nature.

But things have changed.

Now the T and the Q in the alphabet soup are instructing science they would actually be doing great harm by investigating any biological explanation for gender confusion. This is because gender ideology wholly rejects any kind of biological determinism in favor of imagination and creativity. Just look at any of the most famous so-called “transgender” people in popular culture.

It is a shame that a leading journal of science would consider limiting its important mission simply because some famously anti-scientific factions have intimidated them.

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