Suppose you had a personal invitation to sit down with Dr. Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro in a funky coffee shop and eavesdrop on their discussion about the problems with gender theory?

Well today is your lucky day. This opportunity exists and the Daily Citizen wants to make sure you and your family benefit from it.

These men engage in an extremely intelligent discussion on the nature of reality, what it means to be male and female, why this matters, and why no one can (or should) compel another to say things they know to be false. It is remarkable that two smart people have to even discuss such things with seriousness, but that is where we are today.

Peterson asserts that we now live in the age of truth, untruth and anti-truth. He is absolutely correct.

He charges that “affirmation therapy” – telling a confused patient he or she is unquestionably healthy in a confused state – is an anti-truth and absolutely contrary to basic therapeutic standards. Peterson, who is famously very careful and precise with his words calls this approach “insane.” He explains, “You come to me as your therapist with a claim, whatever it is about your identity, and my job is to rubber stamp it. I’m not a therapist then.”

Shapiro adds that “the cult of authenticity” is the undoing of all beneficial therapy because when “helpers” in the world of counseling have no other professional option other than absolute affirmation of the patient’s gender confusion, it puts the patient in charge of defining his or own health. That is the crash of therapy itself. No medical professionals operate that way.

But that is the order of the day today and these two men expand on their concerns in this interchange.

It is a fascinating and illuminating discussion about why it is important to insist on the objectivity of male and female, even while God made each of us beautifully unique in our own masculine and feminine personhood.

This is a very helpful discussion to share with your teen and young adult children.