After finally finding a library that was willing to host his “story hour” event, Kirk Cameron’s public reading of his new book As You Grow drew a record-breaking crowd in Indianapolis, according to Cameron’s book publisher Brave Books.

Over 2,500 people showed up to hear Cameron read his book, Brave Books said. Cameron’s book is based on the fruits of the spirit, found in Galatians 5:22-23.

“In 137 years of the Indianapolis Public Library’s history, NEVER ONCE have they had over 2,500 people show up to a single event. UNTIL TODAY” Brave Books tweeted (emphasis in original).

But the Indianapolis Public Library is now disputing the attendance figures. The library system said that their estimated door count for the event was 750, not 2,500.

However, according to Cameron’s spokesperson, “the library announced that the building hit capacity during the first book reading,” the Post Millennial reports. The spokesperson had also said that they had planned to do multiple readings to accommodate all the attendees.

One woman posted a video on Facebook showing a very long line of people waiting to hear Cameron’s reading. “Same on the Indianapolis Public Library for their treatment of Kirk Cameron and THOUSANDS of supporters,” she wrote.

“Only a tiny fraction of the people that showed up got to hear the book reading because they only gave him a tiny room AND CHARGED HIM for it. They even had the library garage closed so that the thousand people could not park at the library,” she added.

The reading in Indianapolis came as a part of a new “Brave Books Story Hour” campaign that Cameron’s publisher, Brave Books, has launched. The campaign is a Christian, conservative counter to Drag Queen Storytime Hours which have taken place across the country, where public libraries host drag queens to read books to children.

“Are you tired of Story Hour being held captive by ideas and values you don’t hold and people you don’t trust? Are you willing to do something about it?” Brave Books asks as a part of their campaign.

“Join the Movement – the Brave Story Hour movement! Brave Books and Kirk Cameron have teamed up to win back Story Hour and stand up for truth and Biblical values.”

To see the times and locations for upcoming Brave Books Story Hour events, click here.

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