It is certainly no news that leading global companies are falling all over themselves to celebrate everything LGBT and beyond. But now, one of your kids’ favorite toy companies is getting in on the love-fest. LEGO is celebrating the launch of their new Everyone is Awesome toy set as “a symbol of love and acceptance to the LGBTQIA+ community.”

The new set’s designer Matthew Ashton, who also serves as LEGO’s VP of Design, explains that in their new product, “We’ve included the whole spectrum of the rainbow colors from the LGBTQ+ flag and we’ve also introduced all the mini-figures in monochrome colors of the rainbow.”

In their new gender and sexual activism, the wildly popular multi-national toy company notes, “Everyone is unique, and with a little more love, acceptance and understanding in the world, we can all feel more free to be our true AWESOME selves!” LEGO is very proud they “tried not to necessarily gender the characters” so that users can happily create their own gender-free realities and combinations.

However, the spectacular irony of their endeavor seems to be totally lost on the LEGO execs. They fully appreciate the inherent logic in how their toy works. But their woke zeal has blinded them to what is dramatically obvious. They can add a spectrum of colors and plop some creatively fun hairstyles on their characters, but that doesn’t hide the fact that LEGO is perhaps the most inherently heteronormative company in the world.



If there is a visual definition of the ridiculousness of corporate virtue signaling, LEGO has just nailed it. Here is the glaring truth of the matter: Every LEGO play piece is fundamentally gendered and their relationship is singularly male and female. The toy simply doesn’t work any other way.

It is literally the genius of how the toy works and precisely why its functionality leads to endless creativity. The parts uniquely fit, as if they were actually made and intended for one another. You see, few toys demonstrate the singular creative power of male and female than LEGO. By fitting together as they do, their cooperative power creates unlimited new and beautiful things. This is the simple dynamic of the toy’s genius. It demonstrates what nature does every second of everyday throughout the world.

The humble LEGO piece itself is genuinely one of the most simple and simultaneously profound celebrations of the unique combinatorial power of male and female cooperation. And that cooperation is creative. Just think about that for a moment.

Every person who purchases and derives joy from using any LEGO pieces is simply celebrating, participating in, and demonstrating the exclusive power that exists in the exclusive cooperation of male and female. And the only way users can have any sensible fun with this new “Everyone is Awesome” gay pride set is by physically demonstrating the unspeakable power and creativity found in the binarity of male and female interaction and cooperation. LEGO is an inherently gendered toy.

So if we are to take LEGO’s new message seriously here, it is really this: Yes, everyone IS awesome. That is a fundamental Christian ideal that everyone has equal and inestimable worth because they are created in the image of God. Full stop. No qualification.

But LEGO is also telling us in a powerfully demonstrable way that all pairings are clearly not equally awesome. Full stop.

And nothing demonstrates this natural fact more powerfully and simply than the wonder and logic of LEGO itself. It is even demonstrated in this very set. If you actually try to “celebrate diversity” and link the toys in any way other than male and female, you won’t have any fun and you won’t create anything meaningful. In fact, to try to do so is literally a demonstration of absurdity. LEGO is every bit as fundamentally heteronormative as we are here at Focus on the Family. And actually, in a more direct and logical way.

The brilliantly funny folks over at the Babylon Bee perceptively recognized the dramatic irony at work here. Play pieces without male/female interconnectivity and the stunning creative potential they create are a wholly other toy. What LEGO is actually celebrating here in the non-binary are called blocks. Just blocks. And blocks are nice, but there is a reason blocks never took off with the wild popularity of LEGOs. Male and female do something no other cooperative effort can accomplish.

Do the creative suits at LEGO not appreciate what they have done here? In endeavoring to wokeishly celebrate the empty and wholly artificially constructed concept of gender and sexual diversity, they are actually demonstrating to us and our children how unique, special and creatively powerful the interaction of male and female cooperation is. It is really why LEGO toys are so wonderful.

LEGO executives should recognize and celebrate that nothing so powerfully and simply demonstrates the exclusive power of the heterosexuality – visually and tactilely – than their wonderful toy. It demonstrates the beautiful logic of nature itself.

Homosexuality and the illusion of the non-binary are simply not sustainable because they are cul-de-sacs. They do not lead anywhere. Not to the next generation of humanity nor any long-term creativity. In order to create anything new and interesting, both must ultimately rely on heterosexuality and binarity to construct anything beyond their individual pieces. That is the lesson of LEGO.

We must also appreciate that it is these very limitations of the LGBT political construct that drive the constant corporate pep rally for gay-pride itself. We must continuously be reminded of its apparent virtue because it is incapable of simply demonstrating that worth itself. It is mere blocks that don’t actually cohere into anything larger and lasting.

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