Maine’s House narrowly passed a controversial and radical bill on Tuesday night that will expand and legalize late-term abortion. It will go back to the Senate for a final vote, where it is expected to pass and then be signed into law by Governor Janet Mills.

Maine Rep. Laurel Libby, who is a Republican, and who opposes the legislation, expressed her dismay.

“We are not the party that has proposed extreme legislation. LD 1619 is the most extreme bill we’ve seen this session, maybe even this decade.”

The Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund hailed the passage, praising the vote in a statement riddled with falsehoods:

“Today’s majority vote is aligned with the will of Maine voters & Maine values. It is informed by medical science & evidence-based best practices for patient care. And it is an act of compassion for pregnant people & their families,” spokesperson Nicole Clegg said.

According to Planned Parenthood, it’s compassionate to slaughter babies at any point in a pregnancy, but especially fully developed children right up to the point of birth. And note that neither Planned Parenthood nor advocates for this radical legislation ever consider the baby to be one of the patients.

Amendments that would have narrowed the bill to allow later-term abortions only in the event of fetal abnormalities or the life of the mother were defeated. Even language that would have prohibited the selling or transfer of baby remains was rejected.

Catholic Bishop Robert Deeley of the Portland Diocese decried the wicked legislation earlier this year.

“This is no longer a discussion of heartlessly destroying a fetus, which is immoral on its own,” Deeley said. “This is an unborn child. Everything is ready for birth. It is beyond troubling to see how denying the existence of a human life has become so casual for this governor and members of the Legislature.”

Since 1820, Maine’s state motto has been “Dirigo” – meaning “I Guide,” “I Lead” or “I Direct.” Atop the motto is an image of a polar star – a guide for seafarers sailing their ships at sea.

Tragically, legislators in the Pine Tree State have lost their way, adrift in a stormy sea of a culture once guided and directed by unchanging and immovable moral standards. It also now holds the distinction of leading other states down a deadly and devastating trail normalizing late-term abortion.

Photo from Maine Public.