The Pew Research Center has just released a major 50-page report on gender politics and race indicating a strong majority of Black Americans are not buying deceptive gender ideology when it comes to understanding what a man or woman is. They are also more likely than the average public to correctly believe biology determines sex. Pew explains, “Most Black adults say gender is determined by the sex assigned at birth.”

Of course, it is interesting that a careful research organization like Pew utilizes the wholly unscientific and ideological term “assigned at birth” in describing what male and female are in their polling questions. Doctors and other medical professionals never “assign” a child their sex. They report what nature and biology clearly indicates. It was only last summer that Pew used the slightly less ideological term “sex at birth” to describe male and female.

Specifically, Pew found that 68 percent of Black Americans believe the scientific, medical definition of what male and female are, while only 60 percent of the general public believes this. Of course, this means that Black Americans are less likely to be manipulated and swayed by false gender ideology.

And as anyone would assume, this does break down by political ideology and religious conviction … but not in obvious ways.

Regarding political views, Black moderates are most likely, at 75 percent, to say one’s sex cannot be made up and is determined by biology, while only 51 percent of liberals do. Surprisingly, conservative Blacks were a bit less likely than moderates to believe this, at 70 percent.

Regarding religious participation, those attending religious services “weekly or more” were extremely likely to hold that biology determines male or female, at 84 percent. Of those attending religious services only “monthly or a few times a year,” 63 percent believe this while 57 percent of Black Americans who “seldom or never” attend believe this.

In fact, and this is curious, more Black Americans say they believe being male or female is based on biology because of their religious beliefs (37%) over “what they learned from science” at 33%.

Also curious is that Black Americans are less likely at 29 percent to say our society has “gone too far” in accepting gender ideology compared to 38 percent of all U.S. adults who believe this. An equal number (36%) of Black and all other American adults believe we have “not gone far enough” in accepting gender ideology.

Clearly, destructive and anti-scientific gender ideology is making great inroads into all aspects of society. As our culture loses sight of what it means to actually be male and female, we lose sight of what it means to be human altogether.

That loss is truly tragic and sad.

Photo from Shutterstock.