David Limbaugh, brother of the late iconic radio host Rush Limbaugh, spoke with bestselling author Joel Rosenberg last week on the second anniversary of the Radio Hall of Famer’s death.

Joel Rosenberg was a personal friend and former employee of the Limbaugh radio program, where he first served as research director for the “Limbaugh Letter” back in the mid 1990s. Prior to joining Rush, Rosenberg worked for William Bennett, a conservative radio host, author, and former secretary of education for President Reagan.

Joel’s 90-minute conversation with David Limbaugh is available online, and it concentrated primarily on Rush’s journey of faith and his year plus battle with lung cancer. David Limbaugh is a bestselling author and political commentator in his own right. He’s also an unapologetic evangelical Christian who regularly witnessed to his brother, long before Rush’s fatal cancer diagnosis in 2020.

David shared how years earlier he mentioned to his brother that he was doing a Bible study on the Book of Acts with his daughter. Would Rush be interested in his notes and commentary on the various passages?

“I’d love it,” Rush told him. David, not wanting to burden him with one more assignment or responsibility, didn’t ask for any follow-up or reaction. But when he missed sending the notes one week, Rush reached out to him to ask for them. “This is really important to me,” he told David.

David once asked if Rush really believed in the divinity and life-saving nature of Jesus Christ. His brother said “yes.” Then why don’t you talk about it?” David pressed. “I don’t know enough about it,” his brother told him.

Listeners will recall that Rush liked to brag on his program how he was right “99.7%” of the time, and that he pontificated about all kind of issues – but not his personal faith.

That all changed in the final year of the program, when Rush told his audience during one of his last shows on the air:

“I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” Rush assured his listeners, whom he considered family. “It is of immense value, strength, confidence and that’s why I’m able to to remain fully committed to the idea that what is supposed to happen will happen when it’s meant to.”

During David’s interview with Joel last week, the late talk show host’s younger brother shared just how much his brother suffered that last final year. Having qualified for experimental immunotherapy and chemotherapy, Rush rejoiced – only to soon discover his body didn’t respond well to the treatment. David revealed that Rush suffered a “terrible adverse reaction” and that the chemo “devastated him.” In the end, the younger Limbaugh said he wasn’t sure if it was the treatment or the actual cancer that killed his brother.

Yet, through the suffering, Rush found meaning and solace in his Savior.

“We grow from our suffering, and that is totally biblical throughout,” David told Rosenberg. “So many things come in God’s time. With Rush, he was experiencing this hardship, and he was taken down to the lowest point, and he turned. He had to turn; he had nowhere else to turn. Even if he hadn’t had faith in Christ before, he had such sincere, heartfelt faith.”

David shared how Rush confided in him the depths of his physical suffering, including horrifically painful rashes on his calves. And yet, he got up each day to continue broadcasting his show, which reflected the “profound love of his audience.”

But as Rush suffered, he kept reading and praying, even texting David for insight on particular passages of the Bible.

“He talked to God all day, every day, thru the day,” David told Joel Rosenberg.

Many of us continue to miss Rush Limbaugh, and especially for three hours each weekday.