If you’ve read through some or all of this content and you’re wondering how you can make a difference for your family — for your values — for your community, look no further.

We’ve assembled some of the easiest ways you can get involved, keep updated on the issues that matter to your family, and make your voice heard.

Recommended Resources

  • The Daily Citizen eNewsletter, sent weekly from Focus on the Family, keeps you updated on the most current issues impacting the family and family values. Sign up today!
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  • Do you want to dig deeper in developing a Christian worldview? Visit Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project website for information about training conferences and how to join a small group in your area.

Recommended Organizations

  • We know state and local issues impact your family as much as policies coming out of our nation’s capital.  That’s why we’re proud to recommend our network of associated Family Policy Councils, which lead the social issues efforts in most states across the country.  Please connect with the group in your state and see how you can make a difference close to home – by visiting the Family Policy Council webpage.

Tips on additional ways you can make a difference

Five Practical Tips For Contacting Your Legislator

How to Testify at a Legislative Hearing