The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) voted on Monday to prohibit male athletes from competing in female sports.

The NAIA’s Council of Presidents unanimously (25-0) adopted the official “Transgender Participation Policy.” The organization becomes the first college sports association to prohibit males from competing against women.

The new policy states:

The NAIA supports fair and safe competition opportunities for all student-athletes. Title IX ensures there are separate and equal opportunities for female athletes. As a result, the NAIA offers separate categories of competition in all sports except for competitive cheer and competitive dance, which are both co-ed.

The new policy permits all eligible NAIA student-athletes to participate in male sports. However, the guidelines state: “Only NAIA student-athletes whose biological sex is female may participate in NAIA-sponsored female sports.”

Female students who have begun “masculinizing hormone therapy” can still participate in internal university sports activities including workouts, practices, and team activities, but they cannot compete in NAIA-sanctioned competitions.

“With the exception of competitive cheer and competitive dance, the NAIA created separate categories for male and female participants,” the new policy states.

“Each NAIA sport includes some combination of strength, speed, and stamina, providing competitive advantages for male student-athletes. As a result, the NAIA policy for transgender student-athletes applies to all sports except for competitive cheer and competitive dance, which are open to all students.”

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), on the other hand, “calls for transgender student-athlete participation for each sport to be determined by the policy for the national governing body of that sport.” Riley Gaines and 15 other women are currently suing the NCAA over its policy.

The NAIA’s move is as courageous as it is commonsense. Men – even those struggling with sexual identity confusion – should not be permitted to compete against female athletes.

On average, men are stronger, faster, taller, and have greater lung capacity – and they thereby outperform most women in competitions. Therefore it is unfair – and dangerous – to permit men to compete against women.

This story is a prime example of why our work at the Daily Citizen is so important.

Nearly all mainstream media outlet, including ESPN, U.S. News & World Report, Fox News, CBS Sports, NBC News, NPR, CNN, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Reuters, Politico and others falsely reported on this story.

These outlets all spun the news by asserting that the NAIA had banned “transgender athletes” or “transgender women” from competing in women’s sports. But readers need to know that “transgender women” are men. Full stop.

There are no “transgender men” or “transgender women” – there are only women and men. When outlets say that “transgender women” (i.e. men) have been banned from female athletics, it incorrectly leads readers to assume that the NAIA’s action was unfair and discriminatory.

But it wasn’t. Those who call themselves transgender were not banned from collegiate athletics. Men who think they are women (“Transgender women”) – or who don’t, but just want to compete against women for more nefarious reasons – can still compete against other men. They just can’t compete against real women.

The NAIA should be commended for prohibiting men from competing in women’s sports. Reality, fairness, equality and justice for women demand just that.

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