In a recent interview to Elle Magazine, Planned Parenthood’s president Alexis McGill-Johnson reveals how the abortion business has now become radically obsessed with abortion and expanding access, to the detriment of the supposed “health care” that it offers.

When it comes to abortion, providers and supporters used to advocate for “safe, legal and rare.” That’s no longer the case.

McGill-Johnson, who was instituted as Planned Parenthood’s president almost two years ago after Dr. Leana Wen was ousted after a brief tenure, recently told Elle Magazine that she and the organization she represents have officially abandoned that mantra and are fully embracing radicalism.

This was revealed as the magazine discussed Wen’s abrupt exit after about a year leading the business. According to Elle, “Wen reportedly alienated employees, putting forth a vision for the organization that deemphasized abortion and using language to discuss the procedures.”

That makes Wen sound rather terrible, when her only crime was wanting to focus less on abortion and more on providing health care to women and low-income communities.

For example, the accusation that she was difficult comes from an article that appeared in The New York Times, stating, “Current and former Planned Parenthood officials describe Dr. Wen as a smart but alienating manager who wanted to significantly reorient the group’s focus away from the abortion wars and more toward its role as a women’s health provider.”

How exactly is that bad? That doesn’t sound alienating but trying to evolve the business in a more positive direction.

But perhaps Wen’s most significant misstep was this tweet, which was hyperlinked under “language” in the Elle piece.

Wen tweeted in 2019, “I don’t agree with Tulsi Gabbard on a lot, but do appreciate that she brought up the third rail for Democrats: that abortion should be ‘safe, legal, and rare.’ We should reduce the need for abortions by investing in prevention.”

Though pro-life advocates want abortion to become something that is both illegal and unthinkable, the sentiment Wen expressed is one that many can support.

But Wen’s former employer, apparently not so much.

Instead of abortion being something that is rare, Planned Parenthood under McGill-Johnson is now apparently saying that it not only wants abortions, but is seemingly suggesting that women should have as many as possible and that there is no women’s health care without abortion.

McGill-Johnson told Elle, “My friends and family always say, ‘Why do you talk about abortion so much? Don’t you want to talk about the cancer screenings and the STI tests and all the other things Planned Parenthood does that people love? They would rather me talk about chlamydia than abortion, quite frankly, but honey, abortion is healthcare.’”

But is it?

Health care implies that the patient is receiving some medical benefit. Abortion offers no medical benefits, and always ends in the death of a preborn baby and could severely damage a woman’s body and mental health. It is the very antithesis of health care.

However, it’s clear that the only “health care” that women need, according to Planned Parenthood, is abortion. It is becoming more and more radical on the subject, with certain politicians eagerly jumping on the band wagon.

Women need true health care – not abortion – but it’s clear that the future for the business is to become purely about the gruesome procedure, while still begrudgingly providing something like cancer screenings or prenatal care in order to appease the masses.