A top city doctor is facing backlash for referring to white and minority mothers differently based on their race.

Dr. Michelle Morse, chief medical officer of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, recently tweeted about the city’s doula program and midwifery initiative “to reduce maternal and infant health inequities.”

“The time for birth equity is NOW,” the doctor wrote.

However, Dr. Morse received fierce backlash to a subsequent tweet about the city’s initiatives when she used the left’s new favorite phrase, “birthing people,” but only for select races.

“We need to support birthing people through all aspects of their birthing experience – perhaps the most beautiful and personal gift we can share with birthing people as they navigate the groundbreaking life changing experience of creating life,” Dr. Morse wrote.

“The urgency of this moment is clear. Mortality rates of birthing people are too high,” Dr. Morse added. “Babies born to Black and Puerto Rican mothers in this city are three times more likely to die in their first year of life than babies born to non-Hispanic White birthing people.”

Did you catch that?

Dr. Morse refers to “Black and Puerto Rican” women who have babies as “mothers.”

However, she refers to “non-Hispanic White” women who have babies as “birthing people.”

But after the race-based disparity was pointed out, you would think Dr. Morse would apologize for demeaning white women and correct herself to refer to them as “mothers.”

But you’d be wrong.

Instead, a spokesperson for the city’s Department of Health (DOH) called Dr. Morse’s tweet an “oversight” and said, “we apologize for inadvertently gendering Black and Puerto Rican birthing people.”

So, the DOH sees Dr. Morse’s mistake not in referring to white women as “birthing people,” but in calling “Black and Puerto Rican” women “mothers” in the first place.

How backwards can you get?

The phrase “birthing people” is another distortion of reality due to the West’s ongoing “Transgender moment.”

The reason the left has started to refer to women as “birthing people” is because they assert that “men can get pregnant.”

For example, the ACLU tweeted a few years ago, “There’s no one way to be a man. Men who get their periods are men. Men who get pregnant and give birth are men.”

But as believers in science and in God’s design for humankind, we know that there are only two sexes: male and female.

And only women can give birth.

To use the politically correct (though scientifically incorrect) phrase “birthing people” as a substitute for women demeans the awesome and unique gift that women have, namely, to bring forth new life into the world.

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