Focus on the Family’s annual Bring Your Bible to School Day (BYBTS) was held on Thursday, October 7, 2021.

Estimates for the number of this year’s participants are still being tabulated. However, last year, 514,609 students participated in the event at 50,000 schools nationwide.

Numbers are important. But it’s the lives and stories behind the digits that really matter.

One such story comes from Billy Hallowell, who posted on Twitter about his two daughters who participated in this year’s BYBTS.

“These two participated in #BringYourBible day yesterday! And the one on your right needs prayer today. She’s going back for a second MRI,” he wrote.

“This time she’ll be asleep to make it easier. But please pray for her, as she is still a little scared. And pray for the results! Thank you!”

Another parent, Tiffany Russell, shared a story on Instagram remembering when her son first gave his life to Christ.

“Deacon Clemons suggested that our son sit up front with him and his dad. So every Sunday you could find my son on the first pew, bible in hand, modeling what he seen the older men in his life doing.”

Russell said before long, her son would take his Bible to school where he would sit and read it at recess.

“No one told him he needed to do this. This choice he made by himself and I didn’t even know until his sister told me that kids were making fun of him about it.

“Fast forward 20+ years, and that little boy is now a grown man. He has a wife, the cutest twins … and he loves The [sic] Lord with all his heart. He is … a man of valor, character and integrity and I believe those playground bible study sessions are part of the reason why. #bringyourbible.”

Special to BYBTS this year, Focus on the Family has expanded the initiative to be part of a year-round movement.

Students can sign up for the Live It Challenge, which provides a monthly challenge and “specific, tangible actions you can take to live out your faith and strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ.” You can sign up here.