When it comes to patient care, Planned Parenthood is a rather stingy operation. Since the federation’s headquarters declined $60 million in Title X funds, patients at small clinics around the country have suffered from the fallout. Instead of trying to help local women acquire the care that they need, Planned Parenthood remains more concerned about keeping the abortion war chest full. 

Don’t let Planned Parenthood’s propaganda campaign fool you, the abortion business is rolling in dough. In fact, between 20172018 the company pocketed more than $1 billion in private donations on top of the more than $1 billion in federal funding. That should more than make up for the $60 million lost when Planned Parenthood declined Title X funding. But that isn’t what happened.

According to the Washington Post, patients are now being billed as much as $200 per visit for checkups that were previously free of charge. A mobile clinic in Cleveland that performs sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing has had to cut its staff to part-time and may close all together. The state of Vermont is now funding the $759,999 needed to keep the state’s only remaining federal family planning provider open. 

Frankly, that is pathetic. How is it that a state needs to fund a clinic of a parent organization worth billions? That makes absolutely no sense. Funding the Vermont location would be no more than a drop in the bucket for Planned Parenthood, but then what would the abortion business do to push the narrative that it is the victim of an organized conservative campaign?

Planned Parenthood is clearly more interested in playing politics than assisting patients. There is no reason why Planned Parenthood couldn’t fund its own Vermont branch. Not helping this clinic and others demonstrates a certain level of callousness to the women it claims to serve just so it can continue to lobby for abortion.

While women in the country can’t get access to care, how many Planned Parenthood executives are flying first class? When will the next ‘Gathering of Goddesses and Gods’ party be held? The website does say donations, “will be shared between your local Planned Parenthood affiliate and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.” Is that simply not true? Is the abortion business lying to its donors? If the funds are supposedly shared, then where is all the money?

The abortion business should be ashamed of itself. Instead of taking responsibility for its patients, Planned Parenthood will cry victim and blame the Administration, pro-life supporters, politicians, flying pigs, basically anything it can to avoid supporting its own.

At the end of the day, Planned Parenthood has no one and no government entity to blame but itself. Imagine the positive press that the abortion business could get by saying not only are our doors open, but the cost of your appointment will remain the same. As a billion-dollar corporation, we’ll take care of the rest. But no, all the billions will go to high priced lobbyists, lawyers, politicians, celebrity filled parties and those in power that can ensure that abortion remains legal and without restriction, like it is in North Korea.

It is a shame that the loss of Title X funds has resulted in patients unable to get the preventative services that they need, like birth control and STD testing, but the fault entirely lies with Planned Parenthood. Instead of hording its money to fight for abortion, maybe the company can help women and men pay for the health care that they need. If Planned Parenthood truly cared, that’s what they should do.