In the ongoing effort to save babies and serve the needs of women with unplanned pregnancies, pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), also known as pregnancy medical centers (PMCs), provide services like pregnancy tests and ultrasounds on a faster basis and are less likely to charge for their services than abortion sellers like Planned Parenthood. That’s according to a new national study published in the journal Contraception.

And that’s important because when pregnant women go to PRCs, and meet with a supportive, life-affirming staff, they are more likely to choose life for their babies than if their first visit is to an abortion facility.

According to Michael J. New, a research associate at the Catholic University of America and associate scholar at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, the authors of the study paired up 445 abortion facilities nationwide with nearby PRCs. The researchers inquired about the availability of pregnancy confirmation services, possible waiting times for appointments, and cost.

The results strongly favored PRCs (the study referred to them as “crisis pregnancy centers” or CPCs).

The study first found that 68% of PRCs offered same-day pregnancy testing visits as compared to only 37% of abortion facilities.

What about the cost of pregnancy testing and ultrasounds? Of the PRCs contacted, 98% provided such services free of charge, while only 17% of abortion facilities did so. The median price for a pregnancy test at an abortion seller’s office was $24, and the median price for an ultrasound was just over $162.

How would the faster and less expensive pregnancy services provided by PRCs impact a woman’s decision about where to go for help and her ultimate decision whether to keep her baby?

It’s obvious, says Danielle Pitzer, Director, Sanctity of Life for Focus on the Family. Women who visit a PRC first often choose life for their babies.

“Every day we share about our heroes, the pro-life pregnancy medical centers (also called PRCs) offering holistic care for women facing unexpected pregnancies,” Pitzer told us. “Not only do they provide pregnancy confirmation through pregnancy tests and ultrasounds with medically trained staff, but this is also done free and often on the very same day.

“Focus on the Family has proudly partnered with pro-life pregnancy clinics through the Option Ultrasound Program providing over 1,800 grants for new, state-of-the-art ultrasounds, medical training and other services that help individual clinics across the U.S. offer highly professional services to women and men who seek them,” she added.

Pitzer also told the Daily Citizen that with the rise in popularity of the abortion pill – and its attendant risks – the services that PRCs provide could save a woman’s life.

“These quality services have become even more urgent as the FDA has dramatically changed access to the abortion pill. Women should get confirmation of pregnancy, location of pregnancy (could be ectopic) and gestational age of the baby before taking the abortion pill. All these factors could lead to severe complications or even death if a woman is unaware and takes the pill. We need more pregnancy medical clinics with expanded services, not less,” Pitzer said.

Mr. New, who observed that Contraception is not a conservative academic journal, summarized the results as positive for PRCs nationwide.

“Overall, this is a great testament to the nearly 3,000 pregnancy help centers in the United States that tirelessly provide life-affirming alternatives to pregnant women every day.”

If you would like to donate to Focus on the Family’s Option Ultrasound Program, please go here and join us in this life-saving effort.

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