Kirk Cameron arrived in Washington, D.C., last week to read his book, As You Grow, at the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library.

But the day before, activist library staff put out displays of LGBT library books, rainbow flags and signs celebrating “All Genders” and “All Sexual Orientations.”

An in-your-face greeting for the children and families attending from the very same people who promise us they are not sexualizing children.

According to The Daily Signal, the LGBT books included:

Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You, a guide for transgender and “nonbinary” teens; My Princess Boy, the story of a boy who wears dresses; [and] They, He, She, Me: Free To Be, a book about pronouns and so-called gender fluidity.

Cameron’s book is part of a series from Brave Books about “Freedom Island – where good battles evil and truth prevails.” As You Grow teaches about the fruit of the Spirit, telling the story of Sky Tree, who starts from an acorn and “grows into a massive tree through the trials and triumphs along the way.”

Cameron told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, on his Washington Watch show:

We just came from the library, Cleveland Park Library, and we had a great turnout of families.

We had actually a dream team of authors there from Brave Books. These were books including my book on the fruits of the Spirit and biblical wisdom, to a book about fostering trust between parents and children rather than kids keeping secrets from parents, which kids are being taught to do now in schools.

The “dream team” included former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, with his book about fake news, The Parrots Go Bananas; Lib’s of Tik Tok’s Chaya Raichik, with her book about children trusting their parents, No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern; and political activist Jack Posobiec, along with along with his anti-communist kid’s book, The Island Of Free Ice Cream.

Brave Books Founder and CEO Trent Talbot also attended the reading, promoting his book, The Fight for Freedom Island. In a video posted last year, Talbot explained the origin of the company:

When my daughter was born, I realized I couldn’t rely on the culture around me to teach my children good values, these values they need to work hard, care for the weak, and to appreciate the freedom we adore in America. That’s why we at Brave Books have written stories with timeless virtues for the next generation.

The extremist group ShutdownDC had planned a protest at the event specifically targeting Raichak, who has received previous threats that led to a cancelation of a scheduled reading.

But only a few people showed up. The Signal reported:

Two protesters yelled at Raichik before the reading, calling her a “fascist,” until police escorted the Libs of TikTok creator into the library. One woman stood outside the library with a megaphone, accusing the Brave Books authors of being “insurrectionists” and “Nazis.”

Ironically, it is fascists and Nazis who are known for bullying tactics, book burnings and shutting down free speech. In Cameron’s case, leftist librarians have tried to shut down his book tour, and protestors have shown up at his events in several cities.

And, as the adage goes, if you must stoop to calling people Nazis, you’ve already lost the debate.

Find out more about Brave Books and check out currently scheduled Kirk Cameron Freedom Island Tour dates.

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