Last night, Representative Dan Lipinski, the nation’s most prominent pro-life Democrat lost his primary battle against a pro-abortion candidate. Senator Bernie Sanders was right, there is no longer a place for pro-life politicians within the Democrat party. 

In 2018, Marie Newman (D) launched a well-funded campaign against pro-life Democrat Representative Dan Lipinski (IL-3). She lost, but the margin was small. For most political commentators, it signified that it was just a matter of time until Dan Lipinski officially lost his seat.   

Two years later, the pro-abortion Newman succeeded in removing one of the last three pro-life Democrat Representatives from the House. It’s a sad day not only for Rep. Lipinski and his team, but it is also a sad reflection on the future of American politicians. Apparently, there can no longer be any dissension within the Democrat Party. Politicians must be pro-abortion or look for another career.

According to Newman’s website, “All voters need to read that Marie Newman is the real Democrat while Lipinski is not. He voted against Obamacare and coverage for pre-existing conditions and has supported Republican efforts to dismantle the law. … Additionally, younger women and college educated voters particularly need to read that while Newman will protect women’s rights and health care, Lipinski will overturn Roe v. Wade and defund Planned Parenthood. He has supported 54 different measures to restrict a woman’s right to choose.” 

Her perspective is one that reflects a narrow view of American life.

Per Newman, all college educated voters are pro-abortion, which is false. According to a recent Gallup Poll, 38% of college graduates are pro-life. On the flip side, she is asserting that Lipinski stands against coverage for pre-existing conditions, the rule of law and women’s health care. In a statement on his website, Lipinski said, “I have said all along that I would consider supporting ‘real and replace (of Obamacare),’ as long as the replacement is better. I will not support a replacement that takes away access, hurts those with pre-existing conditions, is a give-away to insurers and providers, or makes the middle class worse off than they are now.” 

Newman is a candidate who received support from the pro-abortion group NARAL. She has two children, one of whom came out as transgender after entering counseling for being bullied at school. She will also support LGBTQ rights. Per her website, “(I will) support the Equality Act, … full inclusion of all students in spaces … and encourage awareness around the LGBTQ community through teaching LGBTQ history, culture and sharing perspectives.”

Former First Lady and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted her support, “Congratulations to (Marie Newman) for her win in #IL03 yesterday. It’s a victory for reproductive rights, better health care, DREAMers, our climate, and an economy that works for everyone.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , who endorsed Newman, tweeted, “One bright spot: despite powerful attempts in DC to protect anti-LGBT+, anti-choice Dem in a safe blue seat, powerful progressive (Marie Newman) won the #IL03 primary! Congratulations Marie. You & every organizer worked so hard to make this happen. Thank you #IL03 voters!” 

Newman responded, “Looking forward to working with you, sister!”

For those that support life, it isn’t real encouraging.

There remain two pro-life Democrats in the House, Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas and Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota, both of whom have a 15% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America. This means that they’re mostly pro-life but have supported some pro-abortion legislation. Rep. Cuellar was able to hold off a primary challenger who had the support of prominent Democrats including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Rep. Peterson challenger in the primary looks rather weak, but there are Republican efforts to unseat him. 

The future for pro-life politicians and constituents within the Democrat party looks rather grim, which is a shame. Regardless of the policy differences between Republicans and Democrats, it was encouraging to see liberal party members who supported and valued life. Given the Democrat Party’s trajectory in recent years, it seems unlikely that the party will once again become open to members with different perspectives.


Photo from YouTube