The election is over. 

Or is it? 

Ballots continue to be counted across the nation, more in some states than in others. 

This “COVID Election” has upended tradition and resulted in over a hundred million people having cast their vote even before Election Day itself on November 3rd.

But we’ve made it. 

It’s now November 4th – and the country can exhale.

Maybe you’re happy. Maybe you’re not. Maybe you don’t quite know what to think.

It’s been a bruising campaign, and Americans are understandably exhausted. But now is not the time to unplug, unwind or disconnect.  

Not yet.

It’s understandable why everyone is ready to move on. In a recent survey, over 2/3rds of Americans said the election caused them a significant amount of stress this past year.

Stress on top of COVID stress – stress on top economic uncertainty stress. 

Then there’s school stress. And regular life stress.

It sometimes never seems to end.

“Troubles don’t come as single spies,” wrote Shakespeare. “But in battalions!” 

During World War II, the famed Army general George Patton told his troops:

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all. Men in condition do not tire.”

Well, I know you’re tired – but the last thing America needs right now are cowards.

We need the opposite!

America needs strong, courageous and brave men and women who will rally together and Heal the nation.

We need people who will not tire in doing what is right and stand up to people who are doing wrong.

We need to take the long view – not be petty – but principled.

We have not come this far as a country to cave and cower in fear or frustration. 

I’m reminded of a story I heard recently about a lion and a lion tamer. 

How is it possible that a 180-pound man can somehow tame a ferocious and deadly 500-pound lion?

It’s easy.

The lion doesn’t know how powerful he is. 

Americans are like the lion. We’re stronger than we think we are. We can do more than we think we can do. 

It’s time to be strong and courageous. 

With God’s help, there’s nothing we cannot do and there’s nothing we cannot overcome – especially, heal and emerge victorious from the 2020 Presidential Election.

Photo from Shutterstock