When it comes to addressing important issues like homosexuality, transgenderism and other cultural issues from a Biblical perspective, it sometimes seems like the church is a bit behind the times. That’s what Dran Reese discovered, and she wanted to do something about it.

“If we’re not involved in government, then evil wins,” Dran said in an interview with The Daily Citizen. “So many people in political office don’t share our moral values.” 

That influenced her decision to start Salt and Light Council, an organization dedicated “to seeing America’s biblical and moral foundations restored by training and equipping churches to establish Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries that will defend and promote life, natural marriage, and our constitutional and religious liberties.”

It is Dran’s hope that through the program, the Body of Christ can rediscover the love and joy of biblical leadership and civic engagement in American politics.

The inspiration to start Salt and Light Council came after there was a movement against California’s HB27. Dran’s pastor knew she was interested in engaging with the culture and asked her if she could help gather names for a petition against the measure. She did and the response was tremendous.

“When the pastor speaks, people act,” Dran said. “An individual in the church wanted to get involved after signing the petition, and that helped get the ministry up and running and then Prop 8 came (California’s short-lived marriage amendment). Before we knew it, there were 300 people involved in the ministry.”

That was twelve years ago.

Since then, Salt and Light has grown exponentially. It even became the largest ministry in Dran’s church. 

People involved in Salt and Light Council can attend classes and seminars on American citizenship, human trafficking, American history and communism. The ministry even puts on webinars. It’s a way to help keep people informed so that they can become activists in their local area.

Chuck Dudek, who has been through Salt and Light training, shared how the program has allowed him to become an expert and influencer in his community. In an email, he shared, “Yesterday morning I did a presentation at our church hall to the parents of our kids who are enrolled in our religious education programs. This meeting was about the new California laws on Sex Ed/Social Engineering in our schools. We worked it out so that this took place when the kids were in their religious education classes, so the parents were available to attend my presentation. Due to the numerous presentations I have attended through Salt and Light, I have gained much knowledge on this subject and I guess I am now the resident expert in our community.” 

Salt and Light now has affiliate churches and leaders in 15 states across the country. There are 16 in California, where Salt and Light is headquartered, four in Florida and seven in Texas. (On a personal note, it was exciting to learn that my childhood church in Escondido, CA is part of this affiliate network.)

“They’re sustainable and they’re activated,” Dran said.

Focus on the Family has played an important role in shaping public policy as well, and especially our Focus-affiliated California Family Council, one of a network of independent state family policy councils (FPCs) throughout the United States.

“Our ministry was started for one purpose, we have nothing to do with policy, we harvest the policy,” Dran said. “The legislation is being tracked by the FPC. We rely on Focus on the Family for that and our focus is to get men and women trained and motivated to engage the culture and politics.”

As the 2020 election heats up, organizations like Salt and Light will become even more important. For those who are maybe hesitant to enter into the complex and often corrupted world of politics, Dran has a suggestion. See politics as a mission field. Right now, there is perhaps no area of American life more in need of a strong Christian influence than politics.

You can find more about Salt and Light Council by clicking here.


Photo from Facebook