Professional golfer Scottie Scheffler – the number one player in the world – won the 2024 Memorial Tournament on Sunday. His victory was made even more special by the presence of his wife, Meredith, and his newborn son, Bennett.

Scheffler finished the tournament eight-under-par, even though he was two-over on the day. He bested second-place finisher Collin Morikawa by one stroke and third-place finisher Adam Hadwin by three.

Right after he clinched the victory, Scheffler was greeted by his wife and month-old son.

Scheffler was interviewed by CBS Sports golf reporter Amanda Balionis, who asked him how special it was to be joined by his growing family for the first time.

“Yeah, it’s pretty fun,” Scheffler replied. “It’s very fun. This tournament is very special to us. And it will be for a long time because of this moment.”

Meredith and Bennett also joined Scottie for the trophy ceremony, which you can watch below:

Scheffler has had a very busy last couple months. In addition to becoming a dad, he was arrested on May 17 outside Valhalla Golf Club on the second day of the PGA Championship. After exculpatory video of the incident was released, all charges against Scheffler were dropped.

The Memorial Tournament – one of only five “invitational” PGA tournaments – was founded by Jack Nicklaus in 1976. It is played at the Nicklaus-designed Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio.

Nicklaus was present for Scheffler’s victory on Sunday. Scheffler greeted Nicklaus moments after his victory; the legendary golfer called Scheffler a “survivor,” referring to the difficult of the course.

“You made this place brutal today… This is a tough place to close out. I didn’t do a whole lot great today, but I did enough,” Scheffler replied.

Indeed, he did. Scheffler’s victory earned him $4 million of the $20 million purse for the event. Scheffler has earned over $24 million so far this year, breaking the PGA Tour season earnings record – a record he set last year.

DUBLIN, OHIO – JUNE 09: (L-R) Meredith Scheffler, Bennett Scheffler, Scottie Scheffler of the United States, Jack Nicklaus, and Barbara Nicklaus pose with the trophy after Scheffler won the Memorial Tournament presented by Workday at Muirfield Village Golf Club on June 09, 2024 in Dublin, Ohio. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

But in his post-tournament press conference, Scheffler made clear that he tries to put his family first – not fame, fortune or the game.

Speaking of Jack Nicklaus’s 64 years of marriage – and counting – Scheffler said that Nicklaus was “always a family-first guy.”

“And I try to put my family first as much as possible just the way he did,” Scheffler added.

Scheffler’s love for his faith and family are admirable, especially in an age where the American family is in steep decline.

According to the Pew Research Center, 67% of Americans ages 25 to 49 were living with their spouse and one or more children younger than 18 in 1970. Today, the number has dropped to just 37%.

chart, bar chart

Part of the reason for this decline in family formation is that Americans are marrying later in life, and an increasing number have never been married.

While the number of U.S. adults over age 18 who were married was 69% in 1970, today the number is just 50%.

chart, line chart

This decline in marriage has led to a drastic decline in the fertility rate – just 1.6 births per woman in 2022. In 1970, the fertility rate was nearly 2.5, well above the replacement rate of 2.1.

In part, the drop in family formation is the result of a shifting of priorities for young Americans.

Today, 71% of Americans say that having a job or career they enjoy is “extremely/very important” in order for them to living a fulfilling life. But only 26% say the same about having children, and just 23% say being married is “extremely/very important” to them.


The decline in our nation’s rate of family formation is tragic because the first command that God gave Adam and Eve was to “be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:28).

Our Creator, who loves us and wants what is best for us, designed us with the desire to create and form families as a part of our very nature. That’s why the social science research is absolutely clear – married mothers and fathers are the happiest people around.

Now, almost no one can compete at the same level as Scottie Scheffler, or other professional golfers and athletes. But we can create and form God-honoring families. Thankfully, it’s the latter, not necessarily the former, that is the key to a happy life.

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