“As parents, our priority is our children’s well-being and safety,” Lori Gimelshteyn, executive director of the Colorado Parent Advocacy Network said. “No institution should intervene between us and our children, especially during critical times like mental health crises.”

That’s a truth that should be common sense in our world today; unfortunately, that’s not the case.

In a Denver suburb, the St. Vrain Valley School District developed a “Gender Identity Guidance form for counselors, interventionists and administrators to support students dealing with issues related to gender identification,” the Daily Signal reported.

The document, the Gender Identity Guide, which can be found on the school district’s website, proposes questions such as the following:

  • “Do student’s parents/guardians know of the gender identity?”
  • “Do parents/guardians support the gender identity?”
  • “Who can advocate or support the student if not the parents/guardians?”
  • “What are the communication methods/issues/challenges between school and home?”
  • “Who are the adult contacts at school for support, concerns, etc.?”

In addition to these questions, the Daily Signal stated, children are not only allowed, but possibly encouraged to hide their identity from their parents, family members and friends, which “undermines parental authority and rights,” Gimelshteyn reiterated.

School districts should be teaching core curriculum topics like math and English. Instead, they’re teaching deception.

The form also reminds counselors and administrators to use a child’s preferred pronouns, to be cognizant of how that will be recorded in the school system, and to permit the child to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their choosing, in line with his or her preferred “gender identity,” of course.

Lastly, the staff member or school employee that fills out this form for the child must “indicate the status of the child, who currently knows about that child’s transition, whether the transition is public of private and who else needs to know,” according to the Daily Signal.

On the public school’s website, the administration states that the school has strong partnerships with local LGBT advocacy organizations; the Daily Signal reported that some partnership organizations, such as Rocky Mountain Equality, start providing support to kids as young as 11 years old.

This could be done all without parental permission, or even their knowledge. It is a scary reality that parents may not even know what their schools are advocating for to their students behind closed doors. For help navigating your child’s public school system, check out our available articles and resources below.


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