Americans will gather around tables this Thursday, expressing appreciation and gratitude for a number of things. Here are some of mine that many in today’s increasingly upside-down culture might find controversial:

  1. Jesus Christ: My Lord. My Savior. My King. Two-thousand years since He last walked the earth, this itinerant carpenter from Nazareth continues to influence billions of people, including me. We may feel like things are spinning and spiraling out of control, but Jesus remains in control of all things and over all time and space.
  2. The Holy Spirit: My guide. The late songwriter Keith Green may have said it best: “Thank you oh my Father, for giving us your Son. And leaving your Spirit,’til the work on earth is done.” Whenever I am unsure what to do, say or write, I call out to the Holy Spirit – and I am never disappointed or let down.
  3. Bible-Believing Churches: It would be impossible to overstate how much good a church that upholds God’s Holy Word does. They’re increasingly countercultural. They’re bold. Fearless. From introducing people to a saving relationship with Jesus to helping meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of countless people, these courageous congregations ignore the “woke” propaganda of our day.
  4. Marriage: Though increasingly unpopular or redefined, the biblical institution of marriage is a vital pathway to happy lives and healthy communities. It cultivates selflessness, encourages responsibility and leads to a more fulfilled life. Like a garden in need of constant tending, good marriages don’t just materialize out of thin air – but they provide the best framework for everything else in our lives.
  5. Children – and lots of them: Misguided progressives lament the cost of children and yet ignore their incalculable value. Our children ground us, humble us and help remind us what really matters. They add significance to our days and purpose to our hopes and dreams. They are our most valuable resource.
  6. Religious Freedom: Thomas Jefferson called it “the most inalienable and sacred of all human rights.” Indeed, it’s the first of our freedoms and the one upon which all others are based. Agitators and antagonists want to silence our voice or relegate our religious expression to within the four walls of a church or our homes. But that’s not what our Constitution decrees – and for that we all should be thankful.
  7. Homeschooling: Molding and shaping the next generation is an awesome opportunity and responsibility for moms and dads. Having ultimate authority what our children are taught is also somehow, inexplicably controversial. I’m thankful we can teach our sons and daughters to be critical thinkers, to be leaders, not followers – and in a way that doesn’t conflict with our Christian faith or run down our country.
  8. Our Military and Law Enforcement: Under pressure and under-appreciated, the men and women who risk their lives to protect ours deserve our appreciation and unfailing support. Brave, courageous and sacrificial, hundreds die in the line of duty each year.
  9. Pregnancy Resource Center Personnel: The vast majority volunteers, these saints serve vulnerable women being pressured to abort their babies. They encounter the hatred and vitriol of pro-abortion activists, along with the scorn and skepticism of those who champion lies and trade in misinformation and propaganda. They quietly encourage and serve – and are rarely afforded the opportunity to meet the children they helped save.
  10. Christian & Talk Radio & the New Media: For generations, establishment media had a monopoly on our news. No more. Today, our airwaves and internet are full of alternative points of view. They don’t tell me how to think – but remind me I’m not alone.

 I could add hundreds of more things, but that’s a start. What would you add? What’s on your list this Thanksgiving?

Photo from Shutterstock.