Yesterday, the state of Indiana laid to rest the remains of 2,411 preborn babies who were found in various properties owned by former abortionist, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer. They were buried together at Southlawn Cemetery in South Bend, Indiana in a somber ceremony. This puts an end to at least part of the saga, but questions still remain.

Dr. Klopfer worked in clinics across Indiana, including South Bend the home of Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, but lived in Illinois. When he died in September 2019, his family members discovered the remains of 2,246 aborted babies in his garage. According to investigators, most of the remains were from the early 2000s, but no one knows exactly why Klopfer carefully preserved the bodies of the preborn babies he aborted. Later, authorities also found additional remains in a Mercedes that he owned and stored with eight other vehicles. Altogether, the bodies of 2,411 preborns were found.

Some women who were previously seen by Klopfer had reached out to the Indiana Attorney General’s office and other pro-life groups to see if they could be reunited with their deceased children.

Unfortunately, the investigators were unable to individually identify any of the remains.

To honor the dead and finally give them a proper resting place, a memorial service was held, and members of the community gathered together in order to recognize those precious lives that have been lost.

“Today we laid to rest the remains of 2,411 unborn children,” Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said to the crowd gathered. “In doing so we fulfill our obligation as a state, pursuant to law and conscience, to the unborn babies whose lives were terminated through abortions performed in clinics in Fort Wayne, Gary, and here in South Bend. Although these abortions took place between 2000-2003, until today the remains had yet to receive an appropriate resting place.

“The shocking discovery of 2,411 medically preserved remains in Illinois left in the garage and in the trunk of a car was horrifying to anyone with normal sensibilities. Regrettably, there is no shortage of depravity in our world today, including no regard for the most vulnerable among us. So, we brought them home back to Indiana. While it would’ve been preferable to return the remains to each city where the procedure took place, that was not possible due to the degradation of the remains and the unreliability of the records.

“Therefore, we have identified a burial site with the purpose to memorialize these 2,411 unborn. Keeping them together in rest, each of them connected by their common fate. We have gathered here at this site because it is both fitting and proper that these 2,411 unborn, even at this late date, receive their final resting place as would be expected and appropriate for any human being.

“We are gathered here because we are a state that honors the rule of law. And while the procedure that terminated the lives of these unborn under certain circumstances is permissible under the law, it is also appropriate and mandatory that all reasonable measures be taken to safeguard the health, safety and welfare who contemplates this procedure. This protection includes the assurance that every aspect of a procedure to terminate life is fully and accurately disclosed, understood and accepted at the time of the procedure. This should include disposition of the remains.

“How many of these women, who are undoubtedly in despair over an unwanted pregnancy, would’ve agreed to the procedure had they known that the doctor was going to transport their unborn child across state lines and leave them ghoulishly packed up and stored away in his garage or callously discarded in the trunk of his car for nearly two decades. We would hope such a thing would never happen, but here lies the proof.

“2,411 human beings, yet to be born. Terminated, discarded, lost and forgotten. But friends, we will not forget. We will fulfill our obligation under Indiana law, the law that requires the burial or cremation of human remains resulting from an abortion procedure. We therefore honor and memorialize these unborn, that their lives be remembered not for their brevity, but how their discovery has impacted our collective conscience. We will remember them as well for the potential that each one of them possessed that has now been lost, unfulfilled in this earthly life.

“Each of these 2,411 was a life. A life that was terminated, and each life deserves to be secure in a final resting place with dignity and respect as should be afforded all human beings. May each of the 2,411 buried here now and forever rest in peace.

It was a beautiful memorial. It seemed like dozens, perhaps even 100 people, showed up to remember these precious little lives. Like the Attorney General Hill said, their lives may have been short but hopefully the impact of their discovery will enact change in how abortion clinics and abortionists are monitored.