When a family member dies, the process of cleaning out their home can be a time of reminiscing tinged with grief. But for one such family, instead of a house of memories, they found a house of horrors. On the property of onetime abortionist Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who died in Illinois on September 3, his family members discovered a dark secret. The remains of 2,246 medically preserved preborn babies. 

It’s still in the early stages of the investigation so no one knows why the remains were, reportedly, preserved on his property in a careful manner. Was the doctor conducting some sort of illegal abortion practice at a different location than his actual former practice in Indiana? Did he have a similar compulsion to that of a serial killer and want to keep the remains as some sort of demented trophy? At this point, no one knows for sure, but the find raises a lot of questions about the mental stability of some of the nation’s abortionists. 

By all accounts, Dr. Klopfer was less than stellar as a physician. An internist by training, the physician had been conducting abortions for a self-reported 43 years before his medical license was suspended by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board. The board found that Klopfer failed to file the proper paperwork for the abortions he performed. One specific complaint was that he violated the state’s 18-hour waiting period for an abortion, a crucial time period that gives women the opportunity to carefully consider their decision. He also failed to file paperwork when he completed an abortion on two 13-year-old girls, which is required by law. 

Clearly, the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of his patients wasn’t a high priority. 

That’s not surprising. Dr. Warren Hern of Boulder, CO is another example. The country’s longest serving late-term abortionist, Hern routinely aborts babies in the third trimester and has repeatedly written about his disdain for humanity and the pro-life movement.

But Klopfer perhaps has most in common with Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist in Philadelphia who also kept the remains of preborn babies in the freezer, basement and staircases at his so-called clinic. He was eventually convicted of murder after authorities, who were investigating unrelated drug charges, discovered that the incompetent abortionist would finish the procedure by using scissors to “snip” the necks of babies born alive at his clinic. His clinic, according to those that toured it, was so unsanitary and disgusting that it should’ve been condemned.

Gosnell is a deeply disturbed individual who routinely murdered newborn infants in order to continue his illegal late-term abortion practice. Considering the recent discoveries at Klopfer’s property, what was he doing with those remains? Were they a trophy? Kept for research?

There are a lot of possibilities, most of them are more disturbing than the last. Based on the limited amount of information that authorities have released so far. Again, the preservation of the remains is slightly reminiscent of Gosnell, who kept the severed feet of a small number of the preborn babies he aborted for reasons unknown. They were the only remains that Gosnell actually labeled.

It’s all incredibly disturbing, and it’ll be interesting to see what investigators discover. The answers they find can’t be anything good. Like the medical experts found in Gosnell’s case, there is no reason why Klopfer should have these remains.

As the investigation unfolds, Americans should be prepared to hear more about the dark underbelly of the abortion industry and the men and women who perform these grisly procedures. The country deserves answers. Klopfer took the preborn babies that he aborted and kept them for his own sick purposes. No one claiming credentials as a medical professional should be allowed to do this.

Vice President Mike Pence, the former Governor of Indiana, agrees. In a statement to the Indy Star, Pence said, “His actions should be fully and thoroughly investigated, the remains of the unborn must be treated with dignity and respect and this abortionists defenders should be ashamed. We will always stand for the unborn.”

Planned Parenthood and other abortion activists have yet to make a comment about the case.