In The Washington Post’s most recent Sunday paper, they ran a front-page story titled, “A mother, but not a woman.” The story featured an in-depth interview with Brittany, a biological female who used to be a transgender man, but who now identifies as non-binary. Brittany, or Braiden as she goes by now, recently had a child and is grateful to be a mom.

According to the story, Brittany has always felt more like a man than a woman. Before the pregnancy, she decided to take testosterone injections which lead to “a deeper voice, a sharper jaw [and] more muscular arms.” Shockingly, the journalist doesn’t even inquire as to the negative impact the testosterone injections may have on the child.

After identifying as a man, Brittany decided the she was actually non-binary. The Post describes Brittany as “not a he or a she, but a ‘they,’ part of… a growing group of Americans who identify as genders other than male or female.”

The article details all of the confusion that Brittany has gone through trying to simultaneously live as non-binary and carry a child. For example, many of Brittany’s coworkers who thought she was a male because of her masculine appearance were surprised when she announced she would be going on maternity leave.

Now, it’s quite revealing that The Washington Post, the sixth-most-circulated newspaper in the US, decided that this is a Sunday paper, front-page-worthy story. The Media Research Center reports that the story took up two entire pages inside the Post’s Sunday paper without a single advertisement. 

Here is an important question to ask. Is this news? Is this story worth a front-page headline on one of the most circulated papers in the US? I think the answer is obviously no. This story isn’t news. It is opinion disguised as news, also called propaganda. The only reason the Post ran this story is to promote transgender ideology – complete with alternative pronouns.

Several times throughout the article, the Post refers to Brittany as a “they.” “They started going by the new name and documenting the transition… They grew facial hair…. The pronoun ‘they’ was also a way to publicly assert to others how [Brittany] felt inside.”

The article discloses that “The Washington Post has formally recognized the new pronouns since 2015.” In an age of #FakeNews, this is a blatant example of it. 

Now, it seems The Washington Post needs a biology lesson. Only women can become pregnant. The reason Brittany is able to become pregnant is because she is a biological female with all the right equipment. No matter how many surgeries Brittany has or how much testosterone she takes, she will always still be biologically female – every cell in her body is XX. 

The transgender narrative is based off of two unproven assumptions.

First, transgender activists and their allies claim that one can ‘feel’ like a man. They say if someone feels like a man, they are a man. If someone feels like neither, then they are neither a man nor a woman. Yet, it is not clear what exactly it feels like to be a man or a woman. Biology is not based upon feelings.

Second, the transgender narrative is entirely based off of stereotypes. For example, if a young girl likes playing with trains and firetrucks, gender activists might assert that the child may actually be a boy. Just because someone likes doing activities associated with the opposite sex doesn’t change biology. The child is simply a girl who likes stereotypically male activities.

In addition, how can we know which activities are ‘masculine’ if the word ‘man’ has no objective meaning? Here’s a question that gender ideologues can’t seem to answer: What is a man?

Most gender activists would respond to this question by answering, “A man is anyone who claims to be a man.” But that’s not a definition. That’s a meaningless and circular statement because the word man is used to define the term ‘man.’ 

Now, those with common sense know that a man is “an adult male human.” This definition doesn’t leave biology to be determined by feelings. It is an objective standard. This precludes any biological female from actually becoming a man, and therefore a woman who feels she is a man is still a woman.

The Washington Post’s slogan is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” While that may be right, truth also dies in darkness. Most Americans would lament the amount of division in our country. Yet, if we can’t even agree on 1st grade biology, what hope is there for agreement on anything else?

Focus on the Family empathizes with those struggling with gender dysphoria, and with those closest to them. Focus provides many great resources for those dealing with this serious mental health issue, and for their families and friends which you can find here.


Photo from The Washington Post