It’s a weird, weird world anymore. The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), one of the premier medical journals in the world, recently published an article about a woman who lost her preborn baby because the hospital staff was unable to diagnose her condition in time to save her baby. The journal blames the medical professionals involved, but it isn’t really their fault.

The patient’s medical chart did say that she was a man after all.

It was a unique case, and something that NEJM decided to include as a case study to help alert other medical professionals about the dangers of misclassifying the patient. But in the specific case of the woman, NEJM didn’t conclude that the patient’s gender dysphoria hindered the diagnosis. The blame is laid instead at the feet of a nurse who didn’t properly “classify” the patient. According to the article, “the nurse deployed implicit assumptions about who can be pregnant, attributed (her) high blood pressure to untreated chronic hypertension, and classified (her) case as nonurgent.” The confusion in treatment and diagnosis resulted in the stillborn birth of the woman’s baby. 

So, the fatal flaw in the case wasn’t that a woman believes that she is a man, but that a nurse should’ve realized that a “man” can be pregnant like a woman? In fact, the article at one point says that “he delivered a stillborn child.” 

Despite the radical progressives’ best efforts in science and medicine to remove biology as a condition of sex, a “man” has never, ever given birth in all of human history. It’s ridiculous that the nation’s premier medical journal would engage in this type of blatantly, medically inaccurate statement.

What is incredibly heartbreaking about this story is that a preborn baby lost his or her life because the preborn’s mother was told by medical professionals and society that her belief that she is a man is justified, and that modifying her body and taking hazardous hormones will result in happiness when her body reflects her delusion. It’s like telling an anorexia patient that being dangerously underweight is okay. The patient even suffered a major depressive episode after the loss of her child. Without common sense returning to medicine, it is likely that more tragedies like this will happen in the future.

As people are deceived by a radical culture that encourages people to embrace sexual identity issues, there will be more and more men and women who make the radical decision to forever alter their bodies in order to change their sex. The result will be medical professionals that increasingly struggle to properly triage patients in a medical emergency because they may begin with diagnosing the patient within the realm of the patient’s believed sex and not their biological reality. 

The situation with this woman is a perfect example. Although the patient had a positive pregnancy test coming into the hospital, her other medical issues and “gender identity” clouded the ability of physicians to reach a proper diagnosis. According to the NEJM article, she was obese, had previously taken testosterone, had been on antihypertensives, hadn’t had a period in years, and identified in electronic medical charts as a man. If she had come in as a woman, doctors would likely have arrived at a diagnosis much quicker. But as a transgender, what could physicians ask? Could they even bring up pregnancy? If the pregnancy was the initial diagnosis, would the patient have sued for discrimination since men don’t get pregnant? In the situation, there was really no winning for medical professionals. 

It seems likely that these tragic situations will continue and that more lives will be lost. The transgender movement wants the public to believe that biology doesn’t matter, but when it comes to a medical situation, the correct biological information could make all the difference. There are diseases and conditions that are specific to sex, or present differently between the sexes. A “sex change” doesn’t alter that.

But those differences don’t seem to matter anymore. If a woman presents to hospital staff members saying that she is a man, they must treat her as such until the situation proves otherwise or risk a potential lawsuit. It seems that LGBTQ activists may call foul at medical professionals unless they consider that every man complaining of stomach pains could be pregnant.