Jordan Peterson, the bestselling Canadian author and psychologist, doesn’t suffer fools lightly, a habit that’s both raised his worldwide profile as well as his critics’ blood pressure.

In the latest volley to try and trim the public intellectual’s free speech sails, a Canadian court has ruled Peterson must undergo reeducation training to retain his academic licensing.

“There are no other legal avenues open to me now,” Peterson said on social media. “Congratulations, @CPOntario! You won this round. Mark my words, however: the war has barely started. There is nothing you can take from me that I’m unwilling to lose. So watch out. Seriously. You’ve been warned.”

His “crime”?

The Ontario College of Psychologists had previously determined that Peterson offended online visitors who read of his various opinions – including his opposition to sexual mutilation surgeries and radical climate antagonists. Peterson appealed the decision last year.

Howard Levitt, Peterson’s attorney, told The National Post, “Is there free speech in Canada? To what extent are the limits on free speech in Canada, to free speech which is not criminal or not tortious, not a violation of any law? To what extent are regulated professionals and regulated trades impacted in terms of what they can say in the public forum? These are important issues and Canada has been castigated broadly for the decision of the divisional court.”

Reading of the Canadian court’s decision, it’s hard not to think of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the dystopian novel warning about the consequences of authoritarianism, totalitarianism and an overarching state-controlled society.

In that classic, O’Brien, a member of the “Inner Party,” tells Winston, the book’s protagonist, “We control life … at all its levels.”

Of course, that’s what is happening not just in Canada, but in the United States and certainly on social media by the Big Tech Titans – which is why officials want to reeducate or silence the psychologist.

Bottom-lining it, Jordan Peterson’s candid commentary and pointed opinions are too much for the establishment.

They don’t like it when he says things like, “The masculine spirit is under assault.”

It unsettles them even more when he assures audiences, “I am not going to be a mouthpiece for language that I detest, and that’s that.”

He says what’s on his mind, unconcerned with offending.

“I’m not ‘anti-feminist,” he says. “I’m pro-individual. And I am not happy with the absolute dominance of the humanities by the postmodern neo-Marxists.”

When the subject of a chaotic culture comes up, Peterson suggests “enforced monogamy” will go a long way in curing such ills. That’s enough to send most critics over the edge, especially since enforcing anything, especially sexual exclusivity – let alone promoting marriage – is considered archaic and oppressive.

His three-point formula for success, “grow up … accept some responsibility, live an honorable life” is either deemed insensitive or too simplistic.

So, what’s a country to do with a man like Jordan Peterson?

It seems Canada is determined to either “reeducate” or try and silence the popular psychologist.

We wouldn’t count on that happening.

Jordan Peterson isn’t dangerous. The opinions and policies he’s confronting represent a clear and present danger to culture, children, and the family.

History shows that tyrants always overreach. The more you try and stifle free speech, the greater the upswing of opposition. Count on this latest decision backfiring, and hopefully sooner than later.


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